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Wrist Wraps by CrossFit – All you should know about Crossfit Wrist Wraps

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One of the most commonly misunderstood and used accessories are the wrist wraps or wrist supports, which has the primary purpose of supporting you when lifting weights that are greater than 50% of your one-rep max. With heavyweight involved, there is a chance for a sprain/strain injury.

Wrist wraps much like other training accessories vary depending on their use, but the purpose of a wrist wrap is to provide support to the wrist joint during heavy or max effort lifts in pressing movements and overhead lifts.

During these movements, the wrist can be pulled into excessive extension under load and result in compromised mechanics, injury, and failed lifts. Wrist wraps are certainly worth having for an athlete, and there is a need to use them correctly.

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Sprain injury

A sprain injury is a stretch and/or tear of a ligament, the fibrous band of connective tissue that joins the end of one bone with another. It is the ligaments that stabilize and support the body’s joints.

E.g, ligaments in the knee connect the upper leg with the lower leg, enabling people to walk.

Injuries are devastating, but if you cripple your wrists you aren’t going to be able to do ANY of the traditional CrossFit exercises. That means you are going to have to be on the sidelines until your wrists heal up.

Unfortunately, your wrists aren’t going to heal up fast, since you’re going to need to use them in some capacity as you go through your daily life.

This means you are going to be significantly sidelined for a lot longer than you thought, and it could end up as a real nightmare.

With wrist wraps, however, you will be able to prevent the stretching and or tearing of your ligaments, and you are going to be able to better stabilize your joints so that you don’t have anything to worry about.

Tips For Using Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are certainly worth having for an athlete, and here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your training.

Warm-Up Without Your Wrist Wraps

You don’t need to wrap your wrists to move 60% of your 1-RM press, and becoming dependent on wrist wraps all the time tends to limit strength development in your wrist flexors and extensors.

Don’t Tie Your Wrist Wraps Too Low

Remember that the purpose of a wrist wrap is to support your wrist joint, and if the wrap sits below your wrist joint, then you have effectively turned your wrist wrap into a forearm bracelet that provides no support.

Use The Right Kind of Wrap

There are two primary kinds of wraps out there: cotton wraps that are thinner and more flexible and the thicker, Velcro-bound powerlifting-style wraps that provide more wrist support.

If you are trying to max out a movement such as a bench press or shoulder press, then it is recommended that you use the thicker wraps. But, if you are going for a max in your clean and jerk or snatch, the thinner wraps might be a better choice as they will give you a little more range of motion at the wrist.

Don’t Use Wrist Wraps To Hide Mobility And Flexibility Issues

A common excuse for wearing wrist wraps is pain or discomfort when the wrist is an extension.

An athlete who has discomfort in their wrist when cleaning or front squatting probably has a poor rack position due to poor mobility in their upper body, and poor thoracic extension, a lack of shoulder flexion and external rotation, and wrist flexibility can all play a role in a poor rack position.

Just know that wrist wraps don’t make you more flexible.

Do I Wear My Wrist Wraps All The Time?

Wrist supports are like back support, and if you wear them all the time, you can develop weaknesses in your wrist flexor and extensor muscles. It is these muscles that allow your wrist to bend forward (flexion) and backward (extension).

It is good to have them but it is not necessary to wear them all the time. In my opinion, they are recommended to be used when you are training at or near your 1 RPM.

What Wrist Wrap Do I Choose?

There are all kinds of wrist supports in the market and choosing the right one will depend upon the type of movement you utilize.

The 2 main types of wrist wraps are the TuffWraps Wrist Wraps which are lightweight and tend to be more flexible, and the Villain Wrist Wraps which uses velcro and a “belt Loop tightening System.

The latter is used in power-lifting to provide you with increased support.

The TuffWraps Wrist Wraps are designed to be used for movements like snatches, clean & jerks, push press and thrusters. This is to give your wrist the range of motion it needed, because, your wrists must be able to go into the extended position when completing those movements.

The Villain Wrist Wraps are geared more for the powerlifting, strongman training, bench press and any max type of movements, since they limit your wrist movements, being that in those types of exercises, wrist extension is not warranted.

Is Tuffwraps Washable?

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TuffWraps Wrist wraps & Villain Wrist Wraps are washable and we recommend washing them often, being that a gym is typically going to be dirty even though the floors and equipment may be cleaned daily.

When you add in your sweat, you have the perfect storm for bacteria to grow.

Being that the wraps are a poly/cotton fabric and will absorb your sweat so it is important to take care of them by washing your wraps.


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