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Where to get the best safety razors money can buy

By James

March 27, 2020

buy a safety razor

For those that are just starting out with wet shaving and you don’t know where to buy a safety razor, it’s completely comprehensible.

You must have noticed that safety razors aren’t broadly available in local stores and supermarkets, and the few models you can find are the ones that you wouldn’t dare placing anywhere near to your face.

By using a safety razor, you will not only get a better closer shave, but you will end up saving money in the long term.

Today’s modern man is bombarded and accustomed to cheap disposable shaving products that don’t often result in a close smooth shave.

Plus they usually end up leaving a man with annoying razor burn and a less than satisfactory shaving experience.

However, in recent times, the art form of shaving is coming back and being adopted by those attracted to a more classic gentlemanly lifestyle, but getting a safety razor isn’t the same with buying a regular cartridge razor.

Besides some brick and mortar shops as well as barbershops, the best safety razors can be found easier online, and many models are only available online.

For The Beginner

If you are not sure about where to buy safety razors or have not heard about some particular shaving options, it’s imperative that you look online for tutorials and information about how that is done.

In using a safety razor for a wet shave, you will need to focus on straight lines and will need to avoid shaking, going sideways or doing anything that may cause frustration in regards to shaving overall.

It is easy to miss the mark with this style of shaving, so be very careful as you learn how to navigate the use of this blade style.

Where to buy a safety razor


Amazon doesn’t need any introduction, and can literally have every single one that you will be looking for. There are only a few e-shops that actually have a similar variety of safety razors.

Besides safety razors, Amazon is the best place to buy shaving supplies and benefit from the quick purchase and sometimes, free shipping.


In addition to some great shaving brushes, Eshave have their own line of safety razors with excellent performance and unique designs.

Italian Barber

This is a great website for safety razors and you will find all kinds of shaving supplies that satisfy the most demanding wet shaver.

Also, there are usually regular deals that can get you a new wet shaving tool at a great price.


The Huckberry is an e-shop and could be one of the very few websites dedicated to men with a huge variety of different products. They have a grooming section where you can select among different shaving products.

In recent times, they don’t include too many safety razors in their offers but it won’t take long until they include more products.

Royal Shave

Similar to previous websites, Royal Shave got literally everything a wet shaver is looking for with 15 different safety razors brands.

Amazing Shaving

Acting on its name, it is expected that you will find everything that you need to enjoy an amazing shaving experience.

Among the different brands of safety razors that they carry, they also have quite a few models from Merkur, which happens to be one of the favorites.


At Fendrihan, you can find all major safety razors brands such as Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Parker, and Ikon.

Besides a few of the most well-known safety razor brands, you’ll also find Fendrihan’s own safety razor model as well as other shaving supplies, such as shaving brushes, great shaving soaps or creams, that belong to this brand.

West Coast Shaving

This is one of the most popular wet shaving supplies shops and boasts a huge variety of safety razors. You won’t be disappointed with the choices of other wet shaving products that you will find here, that fit all budgets.


In the past, you could go to the barbershop and purchase some safety razor options for the home. However, today, you will find that these classic venues for men are gone, and it is for that reason that you will want to look into where to buy a safety razor.

You may need to get yourself a kit that has a razor blade, the encasement, and handle, and once you have that, you will want to get a good lubricant and take your time learning how to use it with the contours of your face.

This razor style is a sharp one and will cut you, unlike the options that you may be used to. Be very careful when using them because this is not the same as a disposable razor and you may find out the hard way.

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