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9 ways to be happier – you are the one in control of true happiness

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The great thing about true happiness is that you are the one in control of whether or not you feel fantastic, and all it really takes to gain ownership over those feelings is to acknowledge and accept them.

We live in a fast-changing and most stressful period in human history. This is causing a lot of us a considerable amount of anxiety.

People report having significant anxiety and low-level chronic stress on a pretty much daily basis, and it’s easy to see why.

The daily news lambast us with horror story after horror story, our social media feeds are filled with either posed images of the ideal lives our “friends” are living or more frightening stories, and the economy bounces from one extreme to the other without any reason

Though some factors that affect happiness might be outside of our control (such as genetics or certain life circumstances), there are always little things we can take or do in other to increase our own good feelings.

To smile wider, be more content with life, and feel altogether better, (both in the present and the future) try introducing any or all of this mentioned practices into your life

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Don’t insist on the best (don’t get me wrong)

There are two types of decision-makers, satisfiers, and maximizers.

The satisfiers make a decision once their criteria are met, while the Maximizers want to make the best possible decision.

For maximizers Even if they see anything that meets their requirements, they can’t make a decision until they’ve examined every option.

Satisficers tend to be happier than maximizers. Maximizers spend a lot of time and energy reaching decisions, and they’re often anxious about their choices.


Experts have shown that exercise helps in boosting our health level and self-confidence. Exercise is one of the most reliable mood-boosters. Even a 10-minute walk can brighten my outlook.

Listen more to your inner child

The daily routine of adulthood seems almost like it has been created specifically to wear us out, beat us up, and force us to kind of just “go with the flow” while taking on more and more responsibility along the way.

On the other hand, children don’t have to deal with any of this static and are instead able to flow through life without a lot of stress or worry.

This is mostly because they see the world as a land of opportunity rather than land filled with problems and challenges.

Embrace your inner child and find joy in the life you live and everything changes almost overnight.

Don’t always say yes

Many people believe that they will be happy if they take on everything they can and every opportunity that comes their way, but really all that does is add a lot of pressure, a lot of stress, and a lot of complexity while reducing happiness at the exact same time.

Say no more often and pursue only the things that really make you happy.

Nurture happiness wherever you discover it

Many people think that they don’t have an active role in developing happiness in their life, but it’s an even greater mistake to believe that once you find the happiness you can just kind of put it on autopilot and allow whatever it is that makes you happy right now do all of the heavy liftings.

Sleep more for overall well-being

Catnaps, power naps, a full night’s sleep,  no matter the method, a good snooze session is important for overall well-being and happiness. 

Researchers have shown that not sleeping enough (four hours per night) may lead to lower levels of optimism.

And other researchers have also shown that skipping sleep can damage on-the-job performance and academic performance.


Though meditating can sometimes be hard (quieting your mental chit-chat is tough work), there are lots of benefits associated with the practice. A study shows that eight weeks of daily meditation can lead to greater happiness

Get a new hobby

Not only is it mentally motivating (not to mention fun), but challenging yourself to learn a new skill can lead to greater happiness.

The feelings of accomplishment and self-confidence that often come along with gaining new expertise can really be a source of joy.

Make sure to choose something that genuinely interests you, and runs with it.

Learn to let go

Adopting a spirit allowing things (past mistakes or hurt) can boost overall happiness.

In fact, holding onto resentment, bitterness and hurt feelings can tie you to the past and also marks a decision to continue suffering. 

Make the decision to be happy by forgiving people who hurt you and moving away from situations from your past that brought you down.



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