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Top 7 Yoga Poses & Stretches To Do At The Beach

By James

April 18, 2018

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Yoga represents the union of body and mind, balance and stability, and the practice allows you to reach a state of tranquility, calmness, and concentration. The skillfulness of low and steady movements with proper breathing causes a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

Holidays are the perfect time to get you started on the wonderful art of yoga, as it will help you to disconnect and forget the stress and daily worries, plus, you can practice it anywhere, whatever your age or level of ability.

Nevertheless, if you are going to spend your holidays next to the sea (beach), then you can use the beach to do your yoga routine. It’s the perfect scenario that does not require much. If you do not have a special mat, a towel will be enough for you to perform the poses on the beach sand.

The air, fresh from the sea, will cleanse your lungs, and at the same time, the sound of the waves will invite you to concentrate, while the sun will help you produce vitamin D, as the unstable sandy soil will test your balance. Do not forget to protect your skin.

How to Start

Before we get into the poses and stretches, there are few quick tips that will make your beach Yoga even more rewarding.  First, make sure to bring a mat or beach towel. Consider doing it at sunrise or sunset and be sure to have a loose plan in place to help get you started.


Technically, meditation is not a yoga posture, but it is the perfect way to start the practice. Sit down and breathe; Feel the breeze and the sound of the sea and let the air in and out of your lungs normally. Do this for five minutes to give you calmness.

7 Beach Yoga Poses


Lotus is a popular position for beginning, ending, and even pausing in between other more challenging poses. It provides a centering feeling that is made even better when the water is slowly coming in around you. Lotus provides a chance to appreciate the world around you and take in every good thing nature has to offer.

Side stretches

In order to warm up your body, it is recommended to do some stretching. When sitting:

  • place your forearm on the floor (with the back of your hand facing down).
  • bring the other arm straight up and tense.
  • Stretch the entire side of your body.
  • repeat the same routine with the other arm.

Monkey Pose (Hanumanasana)

This is a challenging position that is great for stretching and meditation. The Hanumanasana is perfect if you want to impress, but it requires a great deal of practice.

Those who can achieve the Hanumanasana comfortably can illustrate the incredible power of Yoga, matching through their form the incredible elements and weather that shapes the beach you are.

It is a great way to acknowledge the raw power of nature, the Hanumanasana should be on the top of your list if you are comfortable doing it.

Boat stance

In a sitting position, with your legs stretched on the floor,

  • lean back as you raise your legs.
  • Once you are comfortable in that position, extend your arms forward as well. Your body will remain like a triangle on the ground.
  • In this posture, the arms, back and stomach act in order to reach a firm balance.

High Lunge

The High Lunge is a fantastic pose to do when on a beach. Instead of using other support to help hold you up, consider using mounds of sand.

It will provide a more stable foundation that feels far better than what you may have at home. The High Lunge helps you re-engage with the world around you and be more aware of the sand that surrounds you.

Extended Side Angle Pose and Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

This is similar to the high lunge. The sand is a great prop for anchoring the feet, just like a non-slip yoga mat, and is also an easy surface to allow for the extension or moving forward of the front foot.

Also, try isometrically pulling the feet towards one another on the sand, as it adds another dimension of resistance.

Hero Pose

Also, Similar to the High Lunge, the Hero Pose makes use of the sand to soften the knees and improve the quality of the experience.

The Hero Pose allows you to slow for a moment and acknowledge everything around you.

It can be extended into the Virasana where you extend your arms back, and just like the High Lunge, you can use the sand around you to build a support that makes the entire process more pleasant.

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