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The Zaq Oil Diffuser – fill your room with more diffused oil



The Zaq Oil Diffuser certainly seems like aromatherapy and is just now starting to become popular.

The truth of the matter is that it’d been an effective alternative medicine for thousands of years, and although there are all kinds of different solutions out there for aromatherapy at home, very few are quite as effective as the Zaq Oil Diffuser.

However, with so many options out there to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which diffuser is just right for your needs.

What is the Zaq Oil Diffuser?

The ZAQ Dew Multi-color Litemist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser has a 200 mL water capacity and mostly comes in colors of white, black, turquoise, and green.

It is shaped like a rounded pyramid with an atomizer in the top hole for misting into the air.

This particular solution can comfortably fill a room between 200 and 300 feet or more with diffused oil, producing consistent results that users really appreciate.

It is energy efficient, and the oil diffuser can run for up to 6 hours in continuous mist mode and 16 hours in intermittent mist mode before needing to be refilled ­ and the auto shut off ensures safe operating, even if you forget it’s on (because it’s so quiet).

This unit is perfect for your home, children’s room, bedroom, bath, office, massage salon, spa, and anywhere you want a lovely refreshing fragrance.

The diffuser shuts off automatically as need be. It is made of sturdy plastic and is BPA-free.

This means there are no toxins, and all an individual has to do is select their favorite aromatic oil and pour it gently into the oil containment center at the top of the unit, and then click a single switch.

As simple as it sounds, that’s all it takes to get started with a Zaq Oil Diffuser.

Everything else is handled on automation inside this system, and there is no fiddling around, no advanced control system that needs to be navigated, and no special security and safety concerns that need to be addressed.

ZAQ Flaiy Waterless Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Rechargeable Bottle Travel Size - Fits 15 Ml Bottle - Works with Lavender, Orange, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Eucalputus
5 Reviews
ZAQ Flaiy Waterless Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Rechargeable Bottle Travel Size - Fits 15 Ml Bottle - Works with Lavender, Orange, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Eucalputus
  • Soft LED lights glow from behind the flat top exterior, LiteMist aromatherapy system silently mists essential oils into your space
  • DIFFUSER SIZE 3” W x 6.5” H , Works with Oil Such Works with Lavender, Orange, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Grapefruit & Lemongrass only
  • - Waterless Nebulizer, Rechargeable, Compact Travel Size
  • ZAQ Flaiy is BPA free and made of safe, health­friendly materials
  • 1 Year ZAQ Manufacturer's Warranty - If any problems please contact us and we will get it taken care of as soon as possible.

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What we liked most about the Zaq Oil Diffuser

You will gain from the Zaq oil diffuser’s therapeutic effects and its aroma, and the moisture from the diffuser with the oils can help dry flaky skin, irritated mucous membranes in the nose, and relieve allergies.

The fragrance has the tendency to boost your mood, and for the antibacterial properties of the oils, you will have a tranquil inspiring time.

You can also run the diffuser without any oils for only a moisturizing effect on the humidity it generates. Either way, you will enjoy benefits from the diffuser’s performance that is wonderful for the mind, body, and soul.

You are able to take this contemporary compact size unit with you on trips or to your own office space. It is portable to move to any room, and you can have more than one where you need it, thanks to its inexpensive price. One button operation turns the diffuser on and off, and you can run it with the light on or off.

Automatic Shut-off Capability

When the water has been used up, the diffuser will automatically shut down so you will have no danger of it burning up. Put the diffuser in your bedroom or your child’s bedroom for a restful night knowing it will automatically turn off, and the LED light will be calming to you or a child and will peacefully lull you to sleep.

Easy to Use

When you receive your package, it is easy and the User’s Manual will guide you to fix it. Then, just plug it in, add up to 5 mL or 1 teaspoon of essential oils, and enjoy. Your stale food, tobacco, or pet odors, will soon be gone, and you will soon be relaxing in a room with fresh aromatic air to breathe in.

Long-lasting Results

The ZAQ Oil Diffuser will operate between 3 to 5 hours, and that will give you plenty of time to saturate your space with the essential oils of your choosing for a great scent, as the mist can cover up to 200-300 square feet.

The unit is easy to clean. Oil buildup should be removed at regular intervals, and you should use a little dish detergent, water, and a cotton swab. Alternatively, use a little bit of rubbing alcohol, swish around, drain, and let air dry.


  • Beautiful modern appearance
  • Hasa safety sensor that turns it off when the water level is low
  • You can use it easily for 4-5 hours. You can use it by refilling the reservoir with water and adding a few drops of essential oil with the fragrance.
  • The diffuser is easy to maintain
  • Harmonizes with any room décor
  • User’s Manual included
  • 1-year warranty provided


This unit can only handle about 200 ml at a time before it has to be refreshed and replenished.

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Final Thoughts

The Zaq Oil Diffuser is an ideal entry-level oil diffuser and perfect for a lot of people. Turn on your diffuser to permeate your atmosphere with a fragrance that is serene and calm, and removing foul odors. Radiate joy with your own radiant emotional vibrations.


Zaq Oil Diffuser

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