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The Use of Colloidal Silver to Treat Herpes

By James

July 9, 2018

Colloidal Silver, treat herpes


Herpes is an incurable sexually transmitted disease that is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV).
Symptoms of the infection comes in the form of outbreaks which typically occur on the lips and mouth (HSV-1) or genital area (HSV-2) depending on which form of the virus one is infected with.

Product Introduction: Colloidal Silver as an Alternative Cure

Silver has been used for thousands of years as a purifier, preservative, treatment, and cure. Its first modern documentation as a bactericide took place in the late 19th century with German doctor Dr. Carl Credé.

Colloidal silver is a safe, powerful antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It is a natural remedy for numerous infections and diseases, and offers fast, safe scar-free healing of injuries and burns.

Product description

Colloidal silver is a suspension containing around 99% pure silver in purified water. It is made by passing electric current through silver wire in a water bath. It is considered safe when a good quality product is used at the recommended dosages.

Colloidal silver has been shown in studies to eliminate variety of viruses and bacteria very quickly, including staph and E. coli, and there is an ongoing promising research on HIV.

According to the company’s brochure, “Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria by deactivating the bacteria’s oxygen metabolism enzymes”. This then destroys the bacteria’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of the bacteria’s De-oxoribo Nucleic Acid (DNA)

How Colloidal Silver Helps Prevent Herpes Outbreaks

Micro-organisms need certain enzymes to help with breathing (cellular respiration). Colloidal silver does not attack microorganisms directly, but rather disables those enzymes that microorganisms need for their activities and preservation.

What colloidal silver does is to essentially suffocate microorganisms. The ions in colloidal silver also attaches directly to the cell membranes of the organisms, producing the same anti-respiratory effect.

Although it may not be fully understood yet since it is still not established yet, some studies have shown that a percentage of silver particles can enter the bacteria DNA, inhibiting the process that is necessary for cellular replication of the organism.

There is also a working hypothesis that colloidal silver has the ability to bind to viral particles and interfere with the virus’ functions or its capacity to bind with human cells.

Dosage and Use

There are many different types of silver solutions marketed as “colloidal silver, but not all manufacturers are honest with regard to purity. Thus, not all products on the market are effective. To get best result, you need to be able to distinguish a true colloidal silver solution from one that is not.

Ionic silver solutions are the most popular products in the market because they are cheap to produce. However, ionic silver solution is not true colloidal silver, because it contains a much lower percentage of silver particles and does not give the same effect as true colloidal silver gives. Fact is, most home-use colloidal silver generators produce ionic silver solutions, not the true colloidal silver.

There are also silver protein-based products that are the second most prevalent in the market and can be quite dangerous. They are added to gelatin and are labeled as colloidal silver.

Manufacturers bind silver particles to proteins to keep them in suspension, and claim that their products have high concentrations of colloidal silver (usually between 30 to 20,000 ppm) which is a tip-off sign that these products might not be the real thing.

Colloidal silver can be consumed internally, and is believed to be safe. It is advised that you follow the directions to use on the package, but generally a daily dose consists of 1 tsp. which you hold under the tongue for about thirty seconds, then swallow.

For cold sores and canker sores, apply the silver directly to the affected area, and there should be improvement within twenty-four hours.


A rare condition known as argyria has been known to affect people who uses silver products. This rare condition is harmless, but it can cause the skin to take on a grayish-blue tint that is irreversible.

However, experts believe that argyria is associated with low-quality silver products, or overuse of silver salts rather than colloidal silver. Thus, if you use a good-quality product and following package directions, you need not be concerned.


  • First of all, before using the product, you need to consult a professional and do lots of personal research to decide if this is something you might want to try, having in mind that colloidal silver as a medical treatment is still speculative.
  • You have to be able to distinguish true colloidal silver products from those that are not.
  • Once you are able to distinguish true colloidal silver, you have to know the proper dosage to match both your condition and physiology.

Remember that there are alternative ways to manage your herpes outbreak with less risk. For example, maintaining a healthy diet that is high in Lysine and low in Arginine, but if you are convinced to use colloidal silver as treatment, ensure to do so under professional guidance to minimize the risks and maximize the potential benefits.


Colloidal silver is said to eliminate herpes simplex virus (HSV). Just like we need good environmental conditions to survive, herpes simplex virus needs some conditions and enzymes to function and reproduce. The colloidal silver acts on those enzymes and makes it difficult for the virus to survive.

Colloidal silver kills the herpes virus and cares about the altogether. The product is safe for healthy tissues, and it also reduces inflammation in the infected cells, enhancing the speed at which cells prefer to heal.

Colloidal silver is highly anti-bacterial and antiviral in nature and hence can be used against any pathogenic infection. It is also known to be used for healing wounds, eye or ear infection, and in allergies.

Not only from personal reviews, research is also reflecting what many people have already known for years, and that is that colloidal silver can reduce swelling, speed healing, and boosts cell recovery.

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