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Sports Bras For Posture Improvement

By James

May 11, 2018

sports bras

sports brasA posture bra or sports bras may be used to reinforce good posture, and these therapeutic posture bras come in a variety of styles and colors with a broad range of design features. There is a posture bra designed to meet your needs, whether you prefer a front or back closure, wide or thin shoulder strap, full body long-line or standard cut.

Back pain and poor posture is a commonly reported issue from women with large breasts. Large breasts are heavy, and can literally weigh you down and make you slouch if they’re too heavy for your body to support. Also, if you have a desk job or you’re sitting for long periods of time every day, your posture might be suffering even more. This can lead to slouching and poor posture, and that is when a posture bra might come in to dramatically increase your quality of life.

Posture Bra

A posture bra is designed to better support the breasts while removing any tension on your back, shoulders, as well as the neck. It is able to achieve this by having a large, supportive band as well as a tension-relieving back that support your breasts.

A posture bra thus ensures that the bra’s straps don’t pull on your shoulders and that the weight of your breasts is evenly distributed. Wearing a posture bra will make you find it easier to stand up straight without being weighed down by your breasts.

There are many models of posture bras, but they often share posture-improving features. Posture bras are also generally long-line bras, which means that the more support from the band, the better.

Bad body posture makes you look awful and also causes severe pain. More so, multiple health conditions such as breathing problems, poor lung development, shoulder pain, and injuries are likely to develop.

Both men and women can correct their posture by using braces, engaging in exercises and taking control over their bodies, and today’s market has a generous offer when it comes to posture improvement. Women can try sports bras, as it can improve their posture over time.

How Do Sports Bras Work?

When you are aware that your posture is poor, there are so many things that you can do to improve it. Activities like Yoga poses, strengthening the back muscles, wearing posture braces or, simply replacing your bra with a sports bra, if you are a woman.

Sports bras are usually made of thick materials that can provide a woman the breast support she needs, with the aim of increasing a person’s comfort while sitting down or working out. It does that by pulling their back so that it perfectly aligns with the spine and hips.

Wearing a sports bra might feel a bit restraining at the beginning, especially if the same posture is maintained, with some women even stating that it is difficult to breathe while wearing a sports bra. But once the back is straight, that sensation goes away instantly.

Who Should Wear a Posture Bra?

If you acknowledge yourself in one or more of the following cases, then, a posture bra might be right for you.

You Have Large Breasts

Having large or heavy breasts often means you need extra support to balance out your body. It is possible that you may still require a posture bra even if you don’t have large breasts, but slouch.

You Have Poor Posture on You

If your breasts or daily activities are preventing you from standing up straight all of the time, it’s a huge tell that you need a posture bra.

You Suffer from Back, Shoulder, or Neck Pain

If your back hurts chronically or you have neck and shoulder pain which you can attribute to your large breasts or poor posture, then, your body is telling you that it’s not too late to find a good posture bra and make the switch.

You Sit at a Desk or Stand for Long Periods of Time

For individuals (especially women) who have desk jobs, and sit at your desk all day long, slouching because your bra isn’t providing you the front and back support you need, consider a posture bra. This also applies to those that have physically challenging jobs.

You Have Tension Headaches

A posture bra is specifically designed to relieve tension, and if you suffer from headaches due to muscle tension, then a posture bra might be the pain relief you need.


Sports bras were originally invented to support women’s breasts during physical activities. However, over time, it was soon understood that the back support they offer is amazing and has great effects on the body even when standing, working or sitting for long hours.

Additionally, sports bras are extremely useful after surgical procedures that involve the breasts or surrounding muscles, as they contribute to the healing process and offer the required comfort needed.

Besides offering great comfort, the fabric type used in these units also has the advantage of being able to reduce irritation and absorb perspiration immediately.

Finally, there are certain sports bra models that are designed for men. This is not unusual, as overweight men usually have large breasts and also experience huge discomfort during physical activities.


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