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Sound Machines For a Great Night’s Sleep



Noise is hard to escape, especially at those times you’d most like a little peace and quiet, and that is exactly why sound machines or sound therapy machines were invented.

These handy devices are intended to work with your brain’s natural tendency to mostly notice new or variable sounds while tuning out steady, repetitious noise.

For this same reason, people who live near freeways or in big cities tend to “get used to” steady traffic sounds, yet awaken when a taxi blares its horn, or a dog suddenly barks.

Sound machines (also known as white noise machines), with their soft, steady, repeating loops of sound, help mask sudden or unusual noise, thus lulling your brain into relaxation, and eventually, into sleep. In general, you’ll sleep far more soundly with white noise playing in the background than without.

White Noise

I bet you probably remember the sound of static after a television station went off the air for the night or the hissing sound between radio stations.

That is the sound of true white noise, and it is made up of all the frequencies audible to the human ear playing all at once and at the same intensity.

Thus, with no variation entering your ears, your brain interprets the sound as a steady hiss. But white is not the only “color” of sound, as there is also pink noise, which is white noise, but with the higher frequencies muted somewhat.

This makes pink noise more soothing than white noise, and for those that have ever peacefully fallen asleep to the sound of steady rain, you have enjoyed the pink noise.

There is also brown noise, which is another popular variation of multi-frequency sound. It is basically pink noise with even more muting of the highest frequencies, and it is also found in the natural world.

In reality, many sound machines incorporate several white noise variations in the form of nature sounds, such as wind, waves, rain, burbling streams etc…

The Effect of White Noise

When the world quiets down at night, any little sound can seem earsplitting. “White noise machines decrease distraction by covering up noises that could keep you awake.

White noise, which is made up of sound waves spanning a wide range of frequencies, actually masks the other noises in your environment.

Thus, rather than the sound of a neighbor’s TV, all you hear is a steady whooshing. These sound machines come with a variety of features, at a range of price points, from less than $20 to over $100. Some of these machines go beyond white noise to offer relaxing sounds.

The Impact of Technology

There is no doubt that all of the screens (like our computer screens, our tablet screens, our TV screens, and our telephone screens) in our lives have a disastrous impact on our body’s ability to go to sleep.

Blue light is a very specific spectrum of light thrown off by modern screen technology). it has the ability to change our body’s biochemistry, triggering a list of hormones and chemicals that end up keeping us awake a lot longer than we would have hoped.

A solution to this problem is to stop looking at screens so frequently throughout the day to limit the impact that the light spectrum will have on your sleep cycles, but a more efficient one is to cut out using any of these screens about an hour before bed while at the same time listening to a sound machine.

Sound machines are capable of producing a very specific pattern that triggers brain waves and activity in your body to start the sleep cycle.

This is one pretty smooth way to use technology to defeat technology, giving you every edge and advantage when it comes to getting a quality sleep time.


For a whole bunch of different reasons, we aren’t well hydrated as we should be, and it’s destroying us from the inside out.

On average, people in the United States drink two or 3 cups of water a day, which is four or five times less than the recommended intake.

We drink other liquids like milk, juice, soda etc…, and trick our bodies into believing that we aren’t thirsty, but the body knows that we aren’t giving it our best and our periods of sleep suffer because of it.

Try drinking 1 to 2 L of water every day, and you will find that you are able to nod off to sleep much faster than you were able to in the past, and the quality of your sleep time will improve as well.


Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives. Something we should be spending eight hours a night. It is a critical bodily function that helps us think clearly, recover from injury, and refresh us for the next day ahead.

People are walking dead when they don’t get the right amount of quality sleep. Fortunately for us, there are a couple of different ways to fix the problem, and hopefully, this information on sound machines helps you out.


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