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Posture Mistakes and How to Fix Them – Make Good Posture Become Second Nature



Correcting your posture may feel awkward at first because your body has become so used to sitting and standing in a particular way, but with a bit of practice, good posture will become second nature and be one step to helping your back in the long term.

If you have a recurring issue of back pain, improving your posture is unlikely to address the root cause of your pain, but it may help alleviate muscle tension.

A poor posture does not only affects more than your looks, it affects your sports performance, it prevents you from sleeping well, it causes intense back pain and it can lead to you not breathing properly.

Some exercises and wearing a back brace for posture could be helpful if combined, and in some instances, they can work individually, but a lot of perseverance is required from your side.

If you want to correct your posture, firstly you should focus on your lifestyle and it is extremely important to look at your daily activities and the root causes of your slouching. After that, it will be a lot easier for you to decide which fixes you should take into consideration.

Common Causes of Poor Posture

Poor posture can be attributed to lots of things. Here are some of the most frequent:

  • Slouching when sitting at your desk
  • Slouching when standing up, keeping a flat back
  • Supporting the entire body weight on one leg when standing
  • Slouching when looking at the phone or computer
  • Slouching or maintaining an incorrect back position when driving
  • Rounding your shoulders when doing sports, standing or sitting

As clear as it can be, the above posture mistakes can be corrected by simply stopping those behaviors. However, as most things in life, simple behaviors or developed habits are the hardest to change.

Therefore, it might require a lot of attention and effort for you to start sitting with your back straight, maintain a correct position when standing and avoid slouching. A mirror or photos of yourself in an improper position could help, but it could take a lot of time to turn a good posture into a habit.

Tips for better posture

Here are some tips that can help you correct your posture step by step:

Stretch Everyday

Stretching prepares your muscles for physical exercises and it also helps you ensure that your most vital body parts will not be traumatized while moving repeatedly. Also, it helps you understand what are the less active and fragile muscles.


Swimming is one of the few sports that have an incredible impact on the entire body. More importantly, it strengthens your entire back, as well as your arms and shoulders. Swimming regularly can help improve your posture without even noticing.

Strengthening Exercises

If you are a fitness or work out person, include some strengthening exercises into your routine. This doesn’t mean that you have to work out using more weights, but that you have to do more repetitions and hold your final poses for about 15-30 seconds.

Do planks Everyday

Scientifically, it has been proven that planks help you strengthen your entire body, lose weight and improve your posture. Do planks every day, whenever you find a minute to sit in this simple pose, either on your palms or on your elbows.


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