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How to Make Oatmeal and Herb Bath Bags

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An oatmeal and herb bath bag is a wonderful way to relieve whatever ails you ranging from dry itchy skin, nasty rashes, and other minor skin ailments.

It’s still unknown exactly why oatmeal seems to help our skin so much, but it’s believed that phenols and Avenanthramides (two naturally occurring chemical components in oatmeal) help reduce swelling and any discomfort that comes with it.

Oatmeal Bath

Itchy dry skin is sometimes caused by lower PH levels, and oatmeal can help restore PH levels to normal.

Chemical compounds in oatmeal absorb dirt and excess oils from the skin, while also serving as a natural anti-bacterial cleanser.

You will need a handful of oatmeal, Cheesecloth, Herb of your choice and Scissors.


Cut out several squares of cheesecloth, (roughly 8X8 inches,) and several long strips as well.

Put a handful of the oatmeal in the center of a square, along with whatever herb you are using (dried rose petals for example.)

Gather up the ends and tie it off with your strip of cheesecloth.

Make the strip of cheesecloth fairly long so you can tie it to your bath faucet that way the hot water will pour over the bag and gets milky and soft.

You can also just put the bag into the water, squeezing it occasionally. The water will turn foggy. (This is a good thing)

Herb Tips


Lavender is an amazing soothing scent if used to taking a bath and trying to unwind at the end of the day or before bedtime.


Lemon/orange essential oil has a revitalizing, fresh, smell that can perk you up and help clear out a cluttered mind. Try putting in a few drops on the oatmeal or bag.

Juniper Berry

The essential oil of juniper berry aids in restoring and refreshing a tired or sick body with its clean, bright-but not overpowering- scent.

You can play around with any combinations of your choice, and add a few drops of essential oils for aromatherapy, or use a dried sprig/flower/herb.


oatmeal and herb bath bag

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