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The mobile massage business – How to start and grow your business



As a mobile massage business owner, you can offer the gift of relaxation by taking your massage tables and skills to the location of your customer’s choice.

People’s’ schedules are filled with personal and professional demands, so starting a business that you can take to your customers is a good one since it can save them time and reduce their stress.

Mobile services give individuals and groups the opportunity to enjoy services from the comfort of their homes or offices.

As a niche industry, the mobile massage business has attracted and maintained its hold on a diverse clientele, and from the way things appear, there are no signs of this trend stopping anytime soon.

Starting and Growing Your Mobile Massage Business

Having a massage therapist pay you a visit instead of having to visit a massage establishment yourself has its own set of conveniences.

Thus, if you take the time to set up and follow a concrete business plan, a mobile massage and spa business can be a lucrative endeavor.

Target Market

Identifying the target market you want to serve such as new moms, expectant moms, executives and professionals, athletes, brides-to-be, and their wedding parties or social organizations, etc., is core to starting any business.

Prepare a business plan which outlines the types of services you plan to offer, the areas or locations you plan to cover, how much you plan to charge, how much your start-up costs are, and how your business will operate.

It is essential that you do some market research before setting up your own practice, and this is where the Internet can get really helpful.

For example, if one of your specializations is sports massages, you can identify and target a local gym or a sports business club that exists in your locality or area of choice.

Get a license

You should apply for a massage therapist license, and you must be at least 18 years of age, and should have completed a 500-hour supervised massage therapy program and pass the massage therapy examination. Then you can be eligible for receiving a license.

Marketing yourself

Marketing yourself is the key to a successful business, and you can be the best massage therapist in the world, but that won’t do you any good if customers don’t know you exist. You can get a small website built but that cost a lot of money, which you probably won’t want to spend as a beginner.

However, there are plenty of free advertising opportunities such as getting yourself all over social media like Facebook and Instagram and signing up to as many free directories as possible. You should come up with a name for your mobile massage business, and register your business name in the appropriate quarter.

Use Quality Supplies and Equipment

You can rent or purchase the vehicle you plan to use for your mobile business and secure insurance on the vehicle. Inform your insurance agent whether you plan to use it for just business, or for business and personal reasons.

Also, purchase the equipment you need to use to service your mobile massage clients, which may include portable massage tables or mats, flannel sheets, pillows, towels, massage oils, body lotions, massage stones, aromatherapy candles, a portable music player and relaxing music.

If your supplies and equipment set is not up to par quality-wise, don’t be surprised if a client doesn’t call you again for your services.

In order to ensure the safety of your clients, pick massage tables and massage chairs with sturdy construction, and go for those that are lightweight and portable.

After all, you’re running a mobile massage practice.

For superior comfort, those with cushions made of a high-quality material such as memory foam are highly recommended, and a functional design also assures that the client’s needs are met.

Promote your mobile massage business online and offline, and join local professional and networking events, as the members may be able to use or refer your services.

Over time, plan to purchase advertising space on local offline and online publications that cater to the target market you want to reach, and participate in the local community and business events as a sponsor or vendor.

Offer massage services and an overview of your business, to those who stop by your booth.

In general, form mutually beneficial relationships with businesses in your area who offer complementary services, so that you can cross-promote your services and exchange referrals.

Finally, ensure that you carry your complimentary card, and massage therapist license with you to each client appointment.


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