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Make a Lavender Sleep Sachet for a Good Night’s Rest

By James

April 23, 2020

lavender sleep sachet

Aromatherapy is an amazing tool when it comes to rest and relaxation, so if you can’t sleep at night, a lavender sleep sachet may be all it needs to help you drift off.

It has a soothing scent, acts as a mild sedative that makes you drowsy, and also has been shown to improve mood.

Persons who are experiencing depression and anxiety are at least 4 times as probable to suffer sleepless nights, so a mood boost is vital to enjoying being asleep as well as awake.

You can make these decoratively or simple as you like.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread there’s no line to the creative touches you can add to how they look, and they make great gifts, especially for someone you know who is fatigued.


You will need Two 6 inch squares of lightweight breathable fabric-muslin is preferable, but thin cotton or cheesecloth works as well.

Thread, needle, scissors, ribbon, and Lavender essential oil.

Dried lavender flowers, But you can also purchase little bags or sachets premade if you prefer


Cut 2 pieces of light, breathable, fabric like muslin or cheesecloth, into 6-inch squares.

Put the two pieces of fabric together with the patterned or colored sides facing inside, if there is one, we turn the sachet inside out after sewing it, so this is a vital step.

Thread your needle, pin each side if required, and sew 3 of the four sides together. It doesn’t have to look dazzling (you can even cut up an old cotton tee shirt and recycle it this way) but make sure there are no gaps.

Turn the fabric inside out, so as to display the colored side is. Fill in with dried lavender, leaving enough space at the top to tie it off.

Add 1 or 2 drops of lavender essential oil (or however much you prefer) and then use your ribbon to tie the bag shut firmly.

Place beneath your pillow or in your pillowcase or on a bedside table. This sachet is also good to put in clothes drawers, giving them a nice fresh fragrance.

Can Lavender Actually Induce sleep?

The answer is a No that just isn’t likely. What lavender does is relax you and stops agitation and stress.

Other studies have shown that lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, thus causing a feeling of calmness.

So lavender is effectively a natural relaxant, of which there are plenty of others of course, including chamomile tea which contains the same mood relaxing properties.

For those who endure serious spells of bad sleep, lavender is not going to be a mystic solution; you won’t pass out from the spell as soon as your head hits the pillow.

But it won’t hurt to have the scent around you to help you relax and slip into a sleepy mood.

So can lavender induce sleep?

Yes, it can. It’s not a fairytale.

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