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How to Use a Shaving Brush with Soap – Show Off Your Perfectly Shaved Face

By James

October 2, 2018

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Today’s market offers plenty of options for men who want to show off their perfectly shaved faces, and one of the key elements to getting the perfect shave is knowing how to use a shaving brush.

Classic razors and electric razors are extremely popular objects when it comes to shaving, but people pay less attention to the shaving brush and soap.

If you enjoy having a shaving routine that is rather old-fashioned and classy, you can try to shave your beard and mustache using a shaving brush and soap. Let’s see what the advantages of returning to the old ways are, and why you should you use a shaving brush.

Reasons for Using a Shaving Brush

Plenty of reasons that includes:

  • It softens your skin,
  • raises your whiskers,
  • provides an extremely lubricated surface for your razor and produces some amazing lather.

Shaving brushes are designed to give you a pleasant sensation when massaging your face. This means that you can award yourself with a few moments of relaxation each week.

Furthermore, when brushing your face regularly, you will notice that all the dead skin gets to be removed and your face looks brighter.

Requirements for Using a Shaving Soap Effectively

  • A shaving brush
  • Shaving Bowl for those that aren’t building lather on face directly. You can also use any bowl, mug or cup if you don’t want to spend money on a shaving bowl. Being that you ‘ll have to swirl the shaving brush in the bowl, a short and wide bowl is more preferred.
  • Shaving soap, and
  • A properly wet face with warm water when you are about to apply the lather.

How to Use a Shaving Brush Properly

Building lather in the shaving bowl, and Pay special attention in case your skin is sensitive to shaving. Ideally, you should at least splash some warm water on your face just before you begin applying the lather, and Soak the brush. Since you have the shaving bowl, fill it with hot water, and let the brush soak inside for a minute or two. You can also soak the brush with running hot water.

Wet The Brush

Run the brush under some warm water to saturate the bristles, as this will prime it to accept the shaving cream or soap. Shake off any excess water. Avoid soaking up your brush inside a sink full of water since most of the times the sink is in a dirty state. Being that the shaving brush is going to touch your face, it doesn’t seem to be the most hygienic thing to soak it in a sink.

Add Shaving Cream or Soap

Put a small amount of cream onto the middle of the bristles, or run the bristles over the shaving cream or soap if you have it in a tin, bowl or cup. Use a quality cream or soap, and you actually don’t need to use much to create an amazing lather.

Work Into a Lather

Using circular motions, work the brush around your beard area, and simply add a bit more water to the brush if you’re not getting the desired amount of lather.

Take your time here and enjoy the scent of your shaving soap. To some people, this is one of the most fun and relaxing parts of the shaving ritual.

If you’ve made the choice to use a shaving brush, you’ve likely committed to the complete shaving ritual, and, as such, you’re probably using a safety razor.

If you’re just getting started with one, be sure to check out safety razor shaving tips.

Rinse the Brush

After you’re done shaving, run your shaving brush under some cold water, and use your fingers to separate the bristles in order to get all of the soap out of the hair. Squeeze the excess water from the brush and set it back on its stand.

Obtaining a close shave that highlights a great bone structure and a nourished skin is in demand these days, and a perfectly shaved beard means a clean, beautiful face that is taken care properly, in almost everyone’s eyes.

It is very easy to shave your beard when its entire surface is covered in foam or lather, and the shaving process using a shaving brush takes place exactly as it would if shaving foam would be used.

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