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Rid Your House of Flies with Homemade Sticky Fly Paper

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Houseflies can be a real pain, with all the filthy things that they come into contact with and all of the diseases that they carry, you definitely don’t want them in your house and around your family, and that is the reason for making a flypaper.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend money on products to get rid of them.

Having houseflies in the warmer months is an endless battle. No matter what kind of fly (fruit flies, house flies, etc…) they make their surroundings seem unhygienic and unpleasant. They buzz around your head, knock against windows, match all over your food, and land repeatedly in the same place after being shooed off.

They can also carry whatever pathogens they come in contact with due to their hairy legs.

In short, they’re gross, bothersome, and irritatingly hard to deter, which makes it tempting to reach for chemical fly sprays.

This chemical does not only harm the environment, but they’re bad for you and anyone else around you who breathe it in.

It’s really very easy to come up with your own method of getting rid of the nasty buggers.

Just follow these simple steps to produce your own flypaper. It works just as well as store-bought varieties, and since it’s so inexpensive to make, you’ll be able to switch it out more frequently


You will need 2 cups of water, 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of honey, corn syrup, or maple syrup.
Sturdy brown paper, Baking tray, Saucepan, String and A hole punch (can be improvised) and scissors


Cut some strips of strong brown paper (like from an old paper grocery bag) about 6-10 inches long. At the top of each strip open a hole and thread a piece of string through it, tying it off to form a suspended loop.

In a saucepan, blend 1 part water, 1 part honey, and one part sugar, and heat until it is well mixed.

Allow the mixture cool a little and then dip each paper strip into the syrup, coating each side well.

Suspend the strips over a baking tray and allow it drip. When they’re dry, the sticky fly papers can be hung anywhere you need them. Be warned-these do catch flies, and they will fill up.

It’s a rather an unpleasant sight to see the flypaper at full capacity, but just use good judgment as to when you should replace it.

Warning: Don’t hang these where people usually pass by, because it can get caught up in their hair.

If you’re hanging at the entry to doorways, cut shorter strips. Getting tangled up with a sticky piece of flypaper is no fun to behold.

House Pests can be prevented by natural means just as they can be with toxic sprays, but the former outweighs the latter by far in benefits.

Having the immediate result of a fly dropping dead on the spot is not worth the inhalation of fumes you get with your next breath, nor is it nice to the environment.

Whenever possible, we should make it a priority in trying to make our own means of deterring common household pests for the sake of our health and that of our household.

If you find yourself with spider issues in particular, try making your own spider repellent to keep them away.


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