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Herpeset For Herpes Relief – Does it Wok? Find Out The Truth

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July 9, 2018



The herpes simplex virus (HSV) is an infection that can appear in different parts of the body, usually on the mouth or genitals. There are two types of the herpes simplex virus; the first being HSV-1 (oral herpes) that can cause fever blisters and cold sores around the mouth and on the face. The second one is HSV-2, and is responsible for genital herpes.

The infection can be passed from one person to another through direct contact from general interactions such as: sharing lip sticks, eating from the same utensils, kissing or through sexual intercourse.

Herpeset for herpesAbout 50-95% of adults are infected with HSV-1, though they may not necessarily have an outbreak. One can be infected with genital herpes from someone who performed oral sex and was experiencing an outbreak from cold sores at that period of time.

HSV-2 is sexually transmitted, and about 20% of sexually active adults in the United States of America are infected with HSV-2, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Anyone can develop herpes simplex infections, no matter how old or young this person is. In case of sexually transmitted HSV, those who are at more risk are those who take part in risky sexual behavior, and even condoms are not always a good protection.

Some risk factors for HSV-2 include:

  • having sex at a younger age,
  • having multiple sex partners,
  • being female (menstruation and pregnancy)
  • having a weakened immune system,
  • And having another sexually transmitted infection (STI).
  • A pregnant woman with an outbreak of HSV-2 at the time of childbirth is likely to transmit the HSV to her baby who may suffer from serious complications.

Product Introduction


Herpeset is an oral spray that is used to treat both genital herpes outbreaks and oral herpes cold sores. It was trademarked in 1996 and is designed to relieve effects of the infection such as burning, swelling, aches, and inflammation suffered by those with cold sores or genital.

Herpeset is a homeopathic treatment made from natural ingredients, and in general, a completely natural product. It is FDA approved and has shown to be effective for both types of herpes. One of the peculiarities of herpeset is that it does not have to be applied to the blisters at all. All you have to do is to spray it under the tongue.

Product Description

Herpeset is manufactured by a well-known and reputable company that offers a number of other health products and is registered with Food and Drug Administration, so it comes with reasonable credentials and can be trusted. This medication has featured on many popular media publications such as MSN, USA Today, CNN, and MSNBC

The components included in this medication have been carefully selected to greatly relieve the symptoms of herpes and quite some numbers of important clinical tests have been conducted to test the safety and effectiveness of Herpeset ingredients.

There is documented evidence that Herpeset does not contain any toxic chemical substances, but contains a safe blend of natural compounds. The making of herpeset was preceded by comprehensive research and testing.

Key Ingredients Used in The Formulation of Herpeset Include:

  • Rhus Tox: this compound reduces itching and inflammation associated with skin ruptures and sores
  • Apis Mellifica is a substance that effectively reduces burning, pain, swelling, and stinging.
  • Capsicum is a substance extracted from peppers that is known for its pain-killing properties and can improve blood circulation. It help reduces the pain of herpes sores.
  • Nitric Acid is an ingredient that is known for speeding up the process of healing of bleeding and cracked sores.
  • Pyrogenium is a substance that promotes fast healing of abscesses and sores.
  • Baptisia is substance extracted from a flowering herbaceous perennial plant that has the natural abilities to reduce the size and number of ulcers around the human mouth.

Herpeset Side Effects

Herpeset has not shown any side effects so far, and is safe to take with other medications. However, always consult your doctor if you have any medical questions concerning Herpeset side effects or contraindications, and before engaging or altering any plan of treatment.

Herpeset Method of Administration

Herpeset can be taken by spraying on your tongue three times a day, and is known to produce the desired results in three months. Expert studying the product’s effectiveness have agreed that it is a good remedy for herpes. Like all other medications, it is best to follow directions when using Herpeset, and clean your mouth before taking Herpeset to ensure you get optimal benefits from the product.


  • You do not require a prescription to purchase Herpeset,
  • You do not have to worry about drug interaction.
  • Herpeset is found to be more effective in treating herpes outbreak than other products available in the market without the involvement of any side effects.
  • There have been no reports of recurring herpes episodes with herpeset treatment among majority of the users.
  • The company that makes the product offers a money back guarantee proposal, which is a huge bonus in itself.


  • Herpeset is not an ideal product for impatient people.
  • Best results takes up a bit of a time, and are observed with nearly 4 – 6 months of treatment.
  • The fact that the product works naturally on our body without causing any harm to our internal organs and system.


Herpeset is a 100% natural oral spray that has proven to work perfectly on oral and genital herpes, even faster than the pills and syrups meant for the same purpose. The solution has to be sprayed inside the body, and in this way, it can quickly penetrate into the bloodstream to provide faster results.

Users are expected to be patient to experience safe and good results.

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