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Ways to get rid of ants naturally as quickly as possible. 

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No-one wishes for an ant invasion, and often times will reach for intense chemicals to Get Rid of Ants as quickly as possible.

Pest control is one part of daily living in which people accept some of the most harmful chemicals into their homes, undisturbed to warnings stamped on the packaging like don’t inhale, don’t touch, call poison control if you make any direct contact, etc…

These chemicals are potentially harmful to you and your household.

However, there are definitely natural ways to get rid of ants without committing an ant massacre or endangering your health and that of your family.

Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally


Ants converse with each other using sounds, touch, pheromones. (Pheromones are chemical signals) and Scent trails.

Ants perceive smells with their antennae and can know the direction and intensity of the scents.

If a forager ant discovers food, it makes a trail leading back to the colony, which the other ants then follow to the source of the food.

Each time the trail journeys, the smell is intensified. By using white vinegar by all of their entries and any paths that you know of, you are disconnecting their scent trails and making it harder for them to sneak back to the food source they’ve been invading.

You will need a part white vinegar, a part of water, and a clean cloth. Mix together white vinegar and water, and wipe or spray down all of the entries you know or think they may be getting in by, and wipe/spray down all counters or surfaces by food sources.


You can notice during the summer the way ants and sidewalk chalk just don’t seem to mix. That’s because they don‘t.

Ants that stumble through chalk gets weakened in the stuff, while some people suggest minerals in the chalk (such as talc) actually exterminate the ants.

Draw a heavy, thick line around there entries and repeat as needed. This generally needs to be used in combination with another method of elimination


If trying to eliminate the ants isn’t doing the trick, try a diversion. If an ant colony has set up camp, diversion can at times be the way to go.

If the ants decide that the honeypot your layout is much better and easier to reach than that hard to reach food you’ve locked up, it’s now easier to lay something to dissuade them from coming back in.

After you’ve got their scent trails washed up, food closed tightly, and some type of deterrent by the entries, they aren’t nearly as apt to coming trooping in again.

Even if they try, they’re going to find you’ve made it a lot tougher by then.

Put a small paper bowl with the honey outside, a little distance from your house but not so far that the ants locate it.

Once they’ve located the sweet stuff, they will gladly go to that, rather than try to battle their way into your house.

You can also do a mixture of sugar and water and spray it on the ground if you find the honey ineffective.

Once they have learned of the pot, shift it a little bit at a time further and further away from the house, refilling and refreshing it as required.

Essential Oil

Ants don’t like heavy smells because it messes up their scent trails and communication, not to mention it covers their bodies if they literally have to creep right through it-which they do.

Now you can really experiment with different oils, or mixtures of oils, and see what works great for you and your house ants. Peppermint or eucalyptus usually does the trick.

You will need 20 drops of peppermint essential oil, clean water, and a spray bottle. Fill a regular or an average size spray bottle with clean water and mix in the peppermint essential oil. Spray liberally around any and all entries to the house. Repeat when you deem it essential (mostly when the scent starts to weaken.)

Ant Balls (Dipped in Essential oil)

Cotton balls function as an extra barricade to keep the ants out of the home, while the undiluted essential oil will steer the ants clear.

Make sure not to leave these where you think an inquisitive pet or child would find them an attractive snack. You can try using white vinegar in a pinch, that’s if you don’t have essential oil.

Generously steep the cotton balls with undiluted peppermint essential oil or soak the ball in undiluted white vinegar, squeezing out just enough extra that it doesn’t leave a puddle where you place it.

Use one of the cotton balls to clean down the area by the entrance, and then stuff another into the crack or hole and Re-do when needed.


Ants seem to really hate the smell of lemon and they find the acidity distasteful, possibly because it is destructive to certain kinds of fungi that the ants like to dine on.

Even worse for them, the heavy lemony smell can mask their trails, making it difficult for them to find their way around. The Lemon scent won’t hurt or kill the ants, though. They will merely cause the ant to avoid the area.

Take some lemon rind and leave it near their points of entrance to your house. You could also squeeze some lemon juice and rub or sprinkle it near the baseboards, or wherever you see an ant trail.

Some individuals have luck using commercial air freshener sprays that have lemon in them.

Coffee Grounds

Ants don’t like the scent of coffee grounds. In fact, the same can be attested for lots of insects, including mosquitoes. Most importantly, it’s biodegradable and gives you a method to recycle your used coffee grounds.

Just spread some of the grounds outdoor, near the edges of your house. This will help discourage them from coming too close.


Ants, Get Rid of Ants

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