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Can You Use an Epilator During Pregnancy?

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Epilator During PregnancyEpilators are what most women use when it comes to beauty routines and habits. However, a time comes in a woman’s life when things change a bit, and pregnancy is an example of such time. During pregnancy, hormone levels go up, hair starts growing thicker, mood swing happens more frequently and endurance to pain can be increased or decreased.

These changes are somehow, considered to be normal. No one likes to be hairy, especially not a woman whose hormones are bouncing up and down.

Reasons Why Most Women Stop Using Epilators During Pregnancy?

Epilators cannot harm a mother or the baby inside, but it can be uncomfortable to bend towards your legs in order to remove unwanted hair, during pregnancy. As the pregnancy evolves, it becomes increasingly impossible to do it, and that is the main reason why most women abandon their epilators and turn to alternative methods that are easier to perform.

Another reason why pregnant women stop using the epilator during pregnancy is the fact that their tolerance to pain is very low; lower than usual, and there are a few contraindications with regards to eczema, inflamed skin areas or sensitive skin during this period.


It is never too difficult to go back to old habits of shaving, tweezing or threading. These are some of the most popular hair removal techniques, and waxing is also an option. But if your skin is highly irritable, you should speak to your doctor about it.

Shaving and tweezing are perfectly safe for pregnant women, as they are the quickest and painless techniques. They are the simplest, at the same time, being that hair grows faster at this period; it is the best option in such a situation.

Waxing is more painful, but it is popular among pregnant women. During waxing, legs hair can be removed carefully by a certified person in any salon and you don’t have to assume any uncomfortable positions during the process.

Using Epilator in Some Body Parts During Pregnancy

Information on Contraindications of most epilators’ manuals advises women not to use the device during pregnancy. Removing hair from all body parts may seem normal, the tummy, bikini, and back should definitely be avoided during pregnancy.

Using an epilator on your stomach could cause excessive pain and may affect the baby’s health. This is why it is important to see that the use of epilator during pregnancy is not such a wise thing to do.



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