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Eczema, Causes And How to Fix For Good

By James

April 18, 2018


Eczema is a term for several different types of skin inflammation. Eczema is also known as dermatitis. Most forms of eczema cause dry, itchy skin and rashes on the face, inside the elbows and behind the knees, and on the hands and feet.

Scratching the area affected can cause it to turn red, and to swell and itch even more. Eczema can appear in different types, but the most common type is atopic eczema. Thought to be hereditary and caused by allergens, atopic eczema is most common in children, but can resurface during adult years.

There is no cure, but finding out what causes it to flare up and treating the symptoms is usually the best course of action to take. If you have eczema, your skin is most likely generating fewer fats and oils than it should be, and the ability to retain water is reduced.

The gap between cells widens since they aren’t plump with moisture, you begin to lose water from the dermis, irritants and bacteria can also enter easily. This is why things like soaps and detergents can deteriorate eczema, as they strip away what lipids your skin is producing, and it will break down easier than healthy skin would become dry, inflamed, and sometimes cracked or blistered.

Causes of Eczema

The major causes of eczema are still unclear. However, it is found out that victims of asthma and allergies are exposed to the dangers of contracting eczema more often than others. Furthermore, harsh environment, as well as stress and depression, also increase to the chance getting eczema.

Some individuals may have “flare-ups” of the itchy rash in response to certain substances or situations. For some, contact with rough or coarse materials may trigger the skin to become itchy.

For others, feeling too hot or too cold, contact with certain household products like soap or detergent, or been exposed to animal dander may cause an outbreak. Not making use of skin lubricant after a bath may also contribute and Upper respiratory infections or colds may also be other causes. Stress may worsen the condition.

Home Remedies for Eczema

These home remedies for eczema will focus on strengthening your skin’s barrier, filling in those gaps, and retaining moisture, as well as focusing on addressing specific troubles like itching and inflammation.

 Coconut oil

Coconut oil sinks into the skin and fills in intercellular space that’s opened and causing you to lose moisture. Fats and oils are what your body needs to stop it from drying out and becoming more irritated.
in using coconut oil, wash your hands with water and pat them dry, Apply the coconut oil to the affected areas and let it dry. Apply throughout the day as wanted.

Soothing butter

In soothing minor skin infections, nothing can really take the place of a good body butter. This combines 4 fantastic healing ingredients that make a spectacular healing. This ingredient is butter-jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax.

Shea butter has a high concentration of non-saponifiable fatty acids, namely stearic and oleic. Non-saponifiable simply means it cannot be saponified, or hydrolyzed, and converted to soap. Many of its healing benefits come from these fatty acids and their superb ability to repair, heal, and soften damaged skin.

It can also help reduce swelling, which is huge when it comes to eczema. Beeswax is mainly just the process used to thicken this butter, but it also helps defend and soften skin. Jojoba oil composes of long chain fatty acids and fatty alcohols and is incredibly rich and moisturizing. Coconut oil is a good addition for all its reason listed in the remedy above.

In making a soothing butter, you will need 2 tablespoons shea of butter, 2 tablespoons of beeswax, 6 tablespoons of coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil, a Lavender essential oil (optional) and Airtight tins or glass jars.

Meltdown the beeswax and jojoba completely in a double boiler. Once they are melted put in the coconut oil and stir until it is fully melted. Finally, lower the heat a tad and put in shea butter, stirring it as it dissolves. The shea butter added lastly as it is a little more heat sensitive, and can get grainy further along its shelf life if it’s been exposed for longer.

Pour the mixture into an airtight glass jar and, if being used, add a drop or two of lavender essential oil and stir for like 5 seconds. Put the cover on and allow it to cool. Apply liberally to affected areas as desired.

Oatmeal bath

Chemical content in oatmeal has anti-inflammatory components that can help relieve discomfort brought on by inflammation associated with eczema. It also seems to work a treat when it comes to relieving or reducing itchiness in the body.

In preparing an oatmeal bath, you will need a cup of oatmeal a Cheesecloth, muslin or something alike and your bathtub.
Put the oatmeal into a cheesecloth or muslin and tie it off securely into a little bundle or bag, and at the top, tie an extra-long piece of material. Fill the tub part way, use the extra piece to suspend the bag right below the faucet.

Run the bath until it’s full and the water turns milky and smooth. Immerse for 10-15 minutes before getting out, patting gently dry with a lean towel and applying your normal moisturizer. Allow the bag float in the water after the tub is filled, give it a squeeze and then take your oatmeal bath.

Fish oil

Fish oil has been shown to help lessen the severity of some individual’s eczema, especially the itching. A study has shown that those with atopic eczema seem to have a lower rate of essential fatty acids breaking down into their metabolites, and also a lower rates of getting those fatty acids up into the skin cell membranes that is closer to the surface of the skin.

N-6 and n-3 fatty acids are particularly vital in maintaining normal skin function and surprisingly, fish oil is rich in both. Taking a daily dose can help your body produce more of the things you need on the inside, so you don’t have to worry much about the outside.

For both capsules and liquid fish oil, follow the dosing on the back of the bottle or carton. If you desire to use the liquid, mix it into some orange juice first, it helps take away flavor and odor.

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