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10 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

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There’s been a lot of talk about coconut oil lately, and there are so many claims being made that it sounds nothing short of a wonder.

Although coconut oil was not mainly common in many Western countries for many years, its profound health importance is slowly beginning to take the world by storm.

Being a staple food in almost one-third of the world, it’s surprising that Western countries are only beginning to understand coconuts and all its potential.

Coconuts are considered drupes, they are made up of three layers, the exocarp, the endocarp, and the mesocarp, which are the thick, cream-colored insides.

Everyday uses for coconut oil

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With a little bit of resourcefulness and a sense of creativity, you can find tons of everyday uses for coconut oil.

Moisturize Your Skin

Coconut oil delivers a refreshing, soothing, burst of moisture that penetrates your skin and works to truly heal.

It can feel oily at first, but that’s why it’s important to only use a small amount.

Give it a minute and it will dry beautifully on your skin. Use as you would normal lotion.

Make Homemade Soap

If you’re interested in making homemade soaps, coconut oil aids as a wonderful pure base that can simplify ingredients, add rigidity to the soap, and help break down grease and oils.

All you require is coconut oil, water, and lye.

While lye should be handled with care, I find it important to soap making, and it helps eliminates a slew of other chemicals that you would need to add to recreate its effects.

Weight Loss

Unlike most saturated fats, coconut oil is mainly comprised of medium chain fatty acids.

This means that it doesn’t get packed away as fat as easily and instead is sent straight to the liver to be metabolized, giving you an increase in energy.

This energy, in turn, makes exercise easier, and the exercise, in turn, helps you in weight loss. Coconut oil also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Fungal Infections

The medium of chain fatty acids found plentifully in coconut oil are amazingly effective natural fungicides.

They naturally insert themselves into the fungal membrane, which is vital to maintaining the life of the fungus.

The destruction of this membrane leads to the destruction of the fungus as a whole leading to the fungus been eradicated. It is vital to be diligent with applications of the coconut oil until your symptoms have cleared.

Treats Cold Sores

Cold sores are triggered by the herpes simplex virus, generally, type 1, and as such, they can’t be cured. Since viruses can’t be cured, coconut oil inhibits its assembly and how it spreads.

Coconut oil contains a constituent known as lauric acid, which When combined with glycerol can create a substance known as monolaurin.

several Studies done so far have shown that monolaurin affects the lipid envelope of the virus, and stops the virus from reproducing how it normally would.

In turn, it is not able to spread as powerfully and tends not to last as long. Apply a bit of coconut oil directly to the sore several periods a day.

Coffee Creamer

In replacement of higher calorie coffee creamers like milk and sugar, mix a little coconut oil into your coffee for a delicious and healthy touch.

Make sure to mix it in well. If the coconut oil is floating to the top, try stirring partway through your drink, or just put a little less next time.

Treat Brain Disorders

One of the most useful properties of coconut oil is the large quantity of medium-chain fatty acids that it contains, as opposed to the long-chain fatty acids contained in many other foods.

The reasoning behind the importance of this type of acid is that medium-chain fatty acids are not only absorbed easily by the liver, but they also metabolize quickly, meaning they can further be converted into ketones.

Ketones are utilized by the brain as a vital energy source and have been shown to have possible therapeutic effects on individuals suffering from memory loss, such as in case of Alzheimer’s illness.

Furthermore, unique phenolic compounds and hormones contained in coconut oil may be able to prevent the accumulation of amyloid beta peptides, which are part of the main theory concerning the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Help Build Muscle

Coconut oil is believed by many to be highly insulinotropic substance, meaning it greatly stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin.

The purpose of insulin is to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body and, additionally, push nutrients into your muscles.

Therefore, an enlargement of secretion of this hormone is especially pertinent for both bodybuilders and regular people trying to increase their muscle mass.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

According to many clinical researchers and epidemiological data, increased levels of plasma cholesterol owing to high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) are correlated with coronary heart disease.

By contrast, high-density lipoproteins (HDL) have been confirmed to have an inverse relationship with heart disease.

In a controlled research, virgin coconut oil was compared to copra oil on its ability to affect lipid parameters.

The Investigators discovered that the “concentration of cholesterol in serum, liver, and heart of the virgin coconut oil-treated group was significantly lower compared to copra oil-treated groups.

Furthermore, HDL cholesterol was significantly increased in virgin coconut oil-fed animals, while similar results were not seen in any of the other treatment groups.

This led researchers to believe that there is a positive relationship between coconut oil and HDL cholesterol, thereby allowing coconut oil to help avert coronary heart events.


It may be unexpected to many, but coconut oil is actually usually used as a natural anti-dandruff hair remedy.

This oil has been proven to improve skin conditions like xerosis, which is characterized by dry, rough, and itchy skin – much like what a dry scalp may be characterized for somebody suffering from dandruff.

That being said, coconut oil has a great ability to improve skin hydration and rise lipid levels on the surface of the skin.

In doing so, this oil is able to basically moisturize the head in order to eliminate the itchy, dry scalp that causes dandruff.


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