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Causes And Treatment of Adult Acne In Dark Skin – All Dark People Suffering Acne Need This

Adult Acne


Dark skin acne is usually cystic acne, and yes, black people do get acne but they get it less than those who have fairer skin. Acne is not common in black people and they rarely have to worry about it. This is one advantage to having darker skin, as you do not have to worry about acne so much.

However, African Americans are more prone to inflammatory acne, and the specific reasons are not yet known. In general, dark skin acne is seen in teenagers as well as adults of the African American origin, and despite the higher prevalence of pimples in these populations, very few tests have been conducted regarding its treatment or cause.

Treating hyperpigmentation resulting from acne scars is also a subject of concern that needs to be addressed for people with dark skin. While inflammatory acne is generally easier to treat and takes lesser time to heal, some of the common procedures used in its treatment end up lightening the dark skin tissue. This can lead to visible marks.

Dark skin acne commonly appears where the oil glands are dense. For example on the face, and back, although there really is no restriction and the acne might appear anywhere on the body including the armpits, groin, breasts etc…

 Is Acne Less Common In Black People?

Acne is less common in dark skin people because black skin is fairly more durable than fair skin. Fair skin is a bit translucent and lighter and is way more sensitive than black skin.

On the other hand, black skin is somewhat thick and is stronger and this is why it has greater immunity towards acne. Very few suffer from dark skin acne, and it is mostly hereditary.

The unfortunate news is that, when black people get acne, they get the worst form of it, as their acne is very severe and often leaves acne scarring, which is extremely common in black people who have acne, especially in North and South America.

Tips To Prevent Occurrence And Reoccurrence Of  Dark Skin Acne

  • Some hair care products used for black hair are known to cause acne or aggravate the condition when they come in contact with the dark skin.
  • Most moisturizing products clog pores on the skin leading to accumulation of oil and other particles that in turn cause dark skin acne. Choose products that do not clog your pores, although, they may be slightly less effective, you will at least prevent dark skin acne.
  • Clean up your face, back and other areas where you are prone to acne (skin) with a mild chemical free and alcohol-free face wash and use a noncomedogenic moisturizer, in order to prevent dry skin since acne breakout is easy on such skin types.
  • Doctors might prescribe oral antibiotics or topical antibiotic ointments to treat dark skin acne. These medicines cause lightening as well as drying of black skin. You can use SPF 15 sunscreen that is not oil based, especially on the back and face.
  • Do not use antibiotics if they are composed of minocycline, as this makes the dark skin hypersensitive.
  • There is no proof that certain types of foods causes acne, but if you have oily skin, consume fresh fruits and salads to maintain the oil balance of your body. Also, drink plenty of water, and avoid dairy, as well as fried and oily foods.
  • Dry skin aggravates acne. So, do not strip your skin of all moisture when cleaning up, but clean up just enough to get rid of excess oil and dirt.
  • Do not pick your acne, as this will only lead to worsening of the infection.

Some Topical Medicines For Treatment Of Acne On Dark Skin

Oral antibiotics are more effective than other forms of medicine in treating severe dark skin acne. Erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide are some other proven remedies, and you must moisturize regularly when using these products in order to avoid drying of skin.

Certain laser surgical treatments also cure acne effectively and reoccurrence can be controlled with effective cleansing toning and moisturizing products.

Discuss all possible side effects of any acne drug with your doctor, and talk to your dermatologist as to which products are best for your skin type.


AcnEase is an especially powerful dark skin acne care product that has a high efficacy toward cystic acne for both women and men, as well as for hormonal acne.

In fact, many people with dark complexions suffer from dry skin syndrome, and most of the over-the-counter dark skin acne treatment can have a significant drying effect.

However, AcnEase acne treatment balances the skin and does not only treat the acne symptoms but also improves overall skin condition.

Dark skin may also suffer from discoloration as a result of some treatments, such as those containing retinoid or salicylic acid, but  AcnEase does not discolor the skin, nor does it have any adverse effects when used over a long period of time. AcnEase is a natural acne treatment and can safely be used with other herbal products.


Dark skin acne

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