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Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga – Connect Your Body, Mind And Spirit


Over the past several years, yoga has experienced an upsurge in popularity in the western world among medical professionals and athletes alike. While much associate yoga with new age mysticism, yoga is actually an ancient practice that connects the mind, body, and spirit through body poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. From a physical perspective, yoga helps […]

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Get Good Posture From Yoga and Exercises

good posture

A correct body posture can make you look tall, slim and, confident, but yet, a good posture is what most of us lack today. There are several things that you can do to make sure that your posture improves, and among the best things that can help your back and aid in standing up straight is to look […]

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Top 7 Yoga Poses & Stretches To Do At The Beach


Yoga represents the union of body and mind, balance and stability, and the practice allows you to reach a state of tranquility, calmness, and concentration. The skillfulness of low and steady movements with proper breathing causes a pleasant sensation of relaxation. Holidays are the perfect time to get you started on the wonderful art of yoga, as it […]

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