September 11


Callus Shaving tips – you may be tempted to remove all your dead skin

By James

September 11, 2019

Callus shaving

When performing Callus shaving, you may be tempted to remove all your unsightly dead skin, know that some of it actually protects your feet.

If there is a callus right under a bony prominence, it might be protecting that bone or joint, and if you remove that callus, you might need an orthotic to take the pressure off of the bone.

Also, make sure the target of your removal measures isn’t a wart, because, if you try to file a wart away, not only will you end up in pain, but you may spread the wart to other parts of your body.

Finally, if you’re using an electric callus shaver, work slowly, because, while they’re effective, a lot of skin can be removed rapidly, leading to an actual injury or wound.

Find the right callus shaver

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The very first thing that you have to do when you’re getting ready to shave off your calluses is to find a callus shaver that going to be able to do the job safely and effectively.

The chosen device should be able to do that without causing you to have to spend any unnecessary energy along the way.

The callus shaver should be lightweight, 100% safe to use, and capable of quickly eliminating your calluses without digging deep into layers of healthy skin that you don’t want to remove.

When used appropriately you should be able to use your new callus shaver to remove layer after layer in a short period of time (about a minute and a half or so). Sometimes it is even faster than that if you use an electric shaver designed for this task at hand.

Replace your callus shaver regularly

It’s just as important that you replace your callus shaver as often as necessary. Just like using a traditional shaver you want to be able to safely remove all of the calluses that you’re looking to get rid of in one clean sweep, rather than dragging or digging a dull shaver across your skin, probably causing it to tear rather than shave.

That’s how people get injured, but as long as you move forward with a replacement when you need one (as soon as your old one gets dull), you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Always shave when your skin has been softened

Some people have been told that they need to shave off calluses while they are still completely dry and completely stiff, but that’s a sure way to guarantee that your shaver goes dull in a hurry and that you run the risk of injuring yourself.

What you should do is soften your calluses in hot water before you dry your feet completely and then get to work with your callus shaver.

This is a fantastic approach to soften up the material that you’re going to shave away. Also, it is the only way to make sure that you don’t have to worry about cutting into healthier layers of skin that you shouldn’t be removed in the first place.

Cut down on things that cause calluses

You’ll have to do anything and everything you can to avoid building up calluses in the first place.

That may mean purchasing shoes that fit a little bit better than the ones you traditionally wear, or soaking your feet routinely or getting a pedicure every once in a while to make sure that calluses do not form too easily.

If you make the necessary changes you need to, you will avoid getting calluses in the first place and you won’t have to worry about shaving them off in the future.

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