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Reviews – Blood Pressure Monitor, Types & Importance. Why you should have one at home



The importance of people having their own blood pressure monitor at home can’t be emphasized enough by doctors, physicians, and many other health professionals.

For one, home monitoring allows patients to chart their blood pressure at any time of the day, which in turn gives doctors a clearer picture of their medical issue.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitors come in different types and shapes and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Upper Arm BP Monitor: The upper arm monitors comes with a cuff that you can wrap around your upper arm. By pressing the rubber bulb attached to the unit repeatedly, the cuff inflates and tightens around the arm, which in turn sets up ideal conditions for getting accurate readings.

Wrist BP Monitor: Wrist monitors, as the term infers, can be fitted around the wrist. These monitors may be less precise than arm BP monitors but precision is dramatically improved when the wrist is positioned at heart level.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Blood Pressure Monitor


To get precise and consistent readings, you need to make sure that the blood pressure monitor you’ll be using has been clinically-proven and has undergone multiple tests.

Right Cuff Size:

The precision of the readings will be compromised if the cuff you’re using isn’t the right fit. Make sure that you pick the right size by always referring to the size chart, or you can buy BP monitors with adjustable cuffs that fit most sizes.

Storage Capacity:

Saving and keeping track of your BP readings, as well as their corresponding times and dates, provide complete data that can help you and your doctor come up with the correct diagnosis.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors in the Market

Omron 7 Series Ultra Silent

Omron 7 Ultra Silent allows users to measure someone’s blood pressure anytime, anyplace and with minimal noise. It automatically starts once you put it on and placed it at heart level, by which the indicator lights guide you along until you assume the right position.

With a slim design and weighing 3 ounces, Omron 7 blood pressure monitor is portable and easy to use. This Wrist monitor has been tested and validated for professional accuracy.


It is generally agreed by buyers of this gadget that the Omron 7 series is very accurate, convenient and the noise is very minimal.


It’s not as precise as professional-grade blood pressure monitors. Also, it might take some getting used to at first.

Final words

Omron 7 Series Ultra Silent is preferred by many when it comes to accuracy and convenience.

Panasonic Portable Blood Pressure Monitor

The Panasonic EW3109W’s innovative easy-fit cuff design is well comfortable and convenience. It boasts memory capabilities up to 90 readings and to top it off, it comes with Digital Filter Technology to minimize noise as well as provide fast and reliable measurements during inflation.

Its large digital LCD display provides clear and intuitive readings to users and thanks to the unit’s Flashing Warning System, you can get reliable alerts. Last but not least, a user can simply roll the cuff around the monitor for better portability


As many buyers have pointed out, it is perhaps the most functional in the industry and it doesn’t flap around like many other traditional blood pressure monitors. Many also believe that it’s one of the most accurate units they’ve ever used. Another great quality of this gadget is its simplicity.


While accurate and simple to use, the blood pressure monitor leaves a lot of room for users to make mistakes. And some reviews have pointed out that the results can be pretty inconsistent.

Final Word

As the first known portable arm unit, the Panasonic EW3109W is surely a game changer. It’s easy to use, convenient and accurate. A lot of its buyers had only great things to say about the unit if its review average of 4.4 stars (out of 5) is any indication.

Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor

Thanks to Ozeri BP2M’s innovative and functional wrist-cuff design, checking blood pressure have been made easy. Using Dynamic Measurement Technology, Ozeri cardio tech blood pressure monitor promises optimal comfort and faster measurements and it can store up to 1197 BP readings, complete with date and time recordings.

Its Advanced Hypertension Indicator allows for suitable Systolic and Diastolic readings and to top it off, you get reliable irregular heartbeat alerts as well.


The Ozeri BP2M is easy to use and it comes with many convenient features you can’t find in many other units. The color alerts are pretty nifty too (nice illumination)

The Ozeri BP2M also gives you all you need to keep track of your readings, and it’s only made better by how comprehensive it is.


Positioning can be a struggle at first, though you can always refer to the booklet provided with the device. Also, some functions might take some while for anyone to get used to. Everything becomes easier once you understand the hang of it.

ADC PROSPHYG Sphygmomanometer

With its 300mmHg no-pin stop manometer, the ADC PROSPHYG assures accurate blood pressure readings in any situation and having an ADCUFF nylon cuff and a Size Guide marking system for easy and precision fitting.

ADC sphygmomanometer can withstand heavy use, courtesy of its dip molded latex inflation bladder. Its air release valve is made of chrome-plated brass, ensuring the accurate conditions for precise measurements.

The unit also comes with a leatherette carrying case with durable nylon zipper to make it easy for users to lug around.


ADC PROSSPHG is amazing when it comes to precision. Many of its users were more than willing to heap praises on the product as well, saying how it was able to provide them accurate readings.

If you’re looking for a cheap blood pressure monitor that doesn’t compromise quality, you simply can’t go wrong by buying this one. It’s durable too and it’s devoid of common problems associated with blood pressure monitors.


The air bladder is made of cheap material and may feel like it’s going to break in a few months. Many buyers have attested to its durability, sure, but it can still get pretty frustrating. The same goes for the carrying case as well.

The ADC PROSPHYG has earned quite a reputation for its excellent quality and competitive price. Its material may look be flimsy but that in no way compromises durability. It’s very well-received among buyers, with 84% of customer reviews rating it at least 4 out of 5.

Omron 10 Series

Omron 10 Series ensures precise and consistent reading, thanks in large part to its special TruRead technology. This unit is capable of taking three consecutive readings one minute apart and calculating the average right after. It’s comfy and easy to wear, courtesy of its Easy-Wrap Comfit Cuff and the Omron 10 series is also capable of storing up to 200 readings (100 each for 2 users), this product makes it easier to track your health.


The Omron BP78M allows you to measure your blood pressure with minimal effort. It’s so intuitive you can easily figure it out even on the first try. A lot of buyers loved how it is able to automatically taking three readings in 3 minutes, which is a convenient way to measure BP even for people whose medical condition makes it difficult for them to do so using standard units.

More importantly, the readings are always accurate and a lot of users have commented that the results are comparable to those taken by their respective physicians.


Some users encountered some problems with the cuff at first, which (as one reviewer pointed out) could have been alleviated if it had clear labels for easier alignment. And also, the Omron 10 series does not come with a carry case.

Final Words

Omron BP785N is convenient and comfortable, and it currently enjoys an average review rating of 4.5 out of 5 making it one of the best blood pressure monitors on the market.


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