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How to Choose the Perfect Safety Razor

By James

March 27, 2020

Safety razor

Choosing the right safety razor is not an easy task for a new user, being that it’s not simple even for experienced shavers.

A safety razor is a personal choice, and there are some objectively great safety razors. But every person’s face is different, and sometimes, it is not even about your face.

For someone with gigantic hands, a short handle wouldn’t be a good choice, because that already limits things for you.

For beginners, there is a chance that you won’t get the right safety razor for your needs right away, but you might spend a considerable amount of time and money before finding the one for you.

Selecting the Perfect Safety Razor

A safety razor allows you to shave with fewer passes, resulting in less redness, bumps, and irritation. You may also be saving money, as the replacement blades cost less than disposable cartridges.

Being that every guy is unique with different skin, beard type, hand size, and budget, there is the need to break down the different types of double-edge razors.

Edge of the safety razor

The first thing that you will have to decide is the type of edge of your safety razor, and there are two types:

Single Edge Safety Razors

As the name suggests, this is a bit uncommon safety razor that works with disposable blades, and have one edge. This means that only one side of the razor head has the blade exposed.

Single edge safety razors are hard to find nowadays, and the best way to get a good Single edge safety razor is in vintage markets.

Most manufacturers stopped producing them after a certain point because most producers transitioned from the production of single edge safety to cartridge razors.

Primarily, a single edge safety razor uses a different blade than a Double Edge (DE) safety razor. The blade is much thicker and the shave is far more aggressive, and shaving with a single edge (SE) razor gives you the closest shave you can get.

Only shaving with a straight razor can give you a similarly close shave, and you need to be equally careful while shaving with it.

Double Edge Safety Razors

From the name, this particular razor has two, usually identical, shaving sides. Compared to a single edge razor, the razor head of a double edge (DE) razor gives you the flexibility of using both sides.

This means that you rinse half the times compared to a single edge, and shaving takes less time, but then, that’s in theory.

The double edge safety razor is not as sharp as the single edge ones, but it most certainly is safer and faster to shave with.

Comb Open or closed

Double-edged razors come in many shapes and sizes, with the ‘two-piece’ having a simple design that allows one to unscrew the top and insert the blade.

All perfect safety razors come in two configurations; either a closed comb (the solid safety bar) or an open comb (comb-shaped safety bar) configuration.

Users report that the closed comb safety razors provide a softer (less aggressive) shave, making it perfect for inexperienced hands, but the verdict is inconclusive when theory and practice collide.

Some people are also convinced that the closed comb safety razor provides a robust shave irrespective of the hair quality and length.

Safety Razor Design and Ease of Use

The shape and form of your safety razor will directly affect its weight, and how you balance it.

These will subsequently impact your shaving experience.

Men have expressed that a weighty safety razor with awkward grip impede shaving dexterity and limit ease of use, and one ends up trying to keep the safety razor at the correct angle relegating the art and pleasure of wet shaving.

Safety razor balance issues stem from novel design oversights that favor heavier head or handle pieces, and it is strongly recommended that you scrutinize the overall proportions (head in relation to handling) of any safety razor before you make any purchase.

Finding The Best Safety Razor Blades

There is no need to get expensive cartridges since the blades themselves are standard and low cost. These blades are immensely sharp and can cut your hands and face with relative ease.

Thus, it is imperative that you are aware of this and you don’t let children or teenagers handle your blades.

You may even find that using your safety razors, within the realms of shaving will take you time to learn and practice.

Finding the right option may involve doing a search online, and you will find that there are only a few brands that are making precision blades of this type.

Having said that, make sure that you also get a good lubricant as that will help offset the rugged nature of shaving with this type of sharp blade, and couple that up with the right shaving cream.

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