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Best Herbs for Acne Treatment



Acne is caused by clogged pores and bacteria, and if you prefer to try something more natural, you may decide to turn to herbs for acne treatment. It’s often challenging to manage acne. Over-the-counter and prescription treatments may help, but some can cause serious side effects.

Well, herbal remedies were used to clear up acne and other skin conditions before modern treatments came, and despite the lack of research on many herbal solutions, subjective evidence is plentiful.

Herbs for acne treatment tend to have fewer side effects than modern treatments, and some herbs have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. These properties may help reduce acne-causing bacteria and inflammation and improve the healing of blemishes.

The susceptibility to acne is often genetic, but instead of going for pharmaceutical or prescription remedies, or spending a fortune on over-the-counter products, you should try herbs for acne treatment. The reason behind using herbs for acne treatment is that herbs are natural and have little or no side effects when used in moderation.


Garlic is widely known for its antibacterial properties, and tops the list of herbs for acne treatment, as it can be used topically without fear of any side effects and permanent scars. The fluid of a single clove of garlic can get rid of acne and lighten up scars in just 30 minutes.

To get rid of the smell, wash your face with water and lemon juice. Lemon, on its own also has properties that prevent acne.

Evening Primrose

Evening primrose is one of the most versatile herbs for acne treatment that can be used in various forms. You can take a few drops of evening primrose oil on a ball of cotton and dab it lightly over the affected area, and you can also make a paste of dried evening primrose leaves and apply it on the skin to get rid of zits and scars.

Green TeaWash

Not only is green tea healthy and delicious to drink, but it can also be very beneficial for your skin, as it is naturally fortified with EGCG and polyphenols. This tea pumps your body with antioxidants and nutrients to fight acne outbreaks.

Topical use of green tea as one of the herbs for acne treatment reduces sebum production and protects against acne-causing bacteria. Its high antioxidant concentration eliminates the free radicals that lead to inflammation.

In order to use, simply add 2 tablespoons of loose green tea leaves to one cup of boiling water, allow it to steep for 10 minutes, then cool, and use as a daily wash. You can as well drink one to two cups of green tea per day for the general anti-inflammatory benefits.

Thyme Astringent

Handcrafted, herbal astringents are gentle and restorative, unlike the commercially-prepared astringents that contain strong, oftentimes synthetic, solvents such as isopropyl alcohol and/or acetone, which can have a very drying effect and further damage acne-prone skin.

Because thyme has a greater antibacterial effect than standard concentrations of benzoyl peroxide, it is highly effective when used in this preparation.

Furthermore, thyme’s primary actions also include being antiseptic, anti-viral, and antioxidant.


Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) is a perennial herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine, and it is believed to support the lymphatic system, which is critical to healthy skin. Research shows that manjistha has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiandrogenic abilities that make it one of the best herbs for acne treatment.


Neem is another popular Ayurvedic herb for acne treatment. According to a study done in 2010, neem oil contains compounds that are antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory

Traditional therapeutic uses of neem include treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Neem also has antibacterial activity against several micro-organisms that include Staphylococcus, a bacterium that’s linked to acne.


Chamomile is best known for its soothing effect on worn out nerves and helping one relax. It is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to man that can also be used as one of the herbs for acne treatment.

Chamomile is also a great herb for acne scars, as it helps decrease swelling and inflammation and prevents scars. It also relieves pain and irritation caused by acne and helps get rid of the excess sebum and infection-causing bacteria.

You can brew chamomile tea and dab it over the pimples and scars, and you can also make a powder of dried chamomile leaves to make a paste with some water. Then, apply this to the affected area and leave on for about 15 minutes before washing off.


Aloe is a great remedy against sunburn and is anti-inflammatory. It is also soothing and hydrating for the skin, and one of the best herbs for acne treatment. Aloe is a great herb for acne scars due to its hydrating and healing properties, and you can directly use the extract from a plant or buy pure aloe extract from your local pharmacy.

Risks And Warnings

Possible side effects associated with most herbal remedies for acne include:

  • allergic reaction and skin irritation.
  • inflammation,
  • itching, or burning

Tea tree oil has been known to cause blistering rashes, and you shouldn’t use it if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to plants from the myrtle family, which includes eucalyptus, allspice, and clove.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children shouldn’t use herbs to treat acne unless under the supervision of a trained practitioner.

Some people take herbs internally in an effort to treat acne systemically, and that is not advisable. Many herbs are fine to use topically but are toxic when consumed, especially in large amounts.


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