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Benefits of a Water Flosser – Most Effective Eliminators of Plaque and Food Debris



A water flosser, which is also usually referred to as oral irrigators have been gaining fame in recent years, backed by various clinical researchers that suggest that they are more effective at eliminating plaque and food debris from between teeth than traditional flossing.

Water flossers were invented in 1962 through the joint efforts of a dentist named Dr. Gerald Moyer and an engineer named John Mattingly. And today, water flossing have become increasingly commonplace in the homes of people who are concerned with their oral hygiene.

Water flossing work by using a stream of pulsating water to remove plaque from teeth, in addition to removing remains of food from the gaps between teeth. A study conducted in 2009 indicates that water flossing is capable of removing 99.99% of plaque biofilm when used correctly.

For those who want to keep their smile just as bright and just as brilliant as humanly possible, merely brushing your teeth twice a day or more isn’t enough.

Anybody that has been to the dentist and had teeth cleaning performed on him/her understands just how much every dental professional really hammers on flossing your teeth, even if the message doesn’t quite sink in for the overwhelming majority of individuals out there.

There are lots of reasons to stop using traditional dental floss and instead embrace everything that water flosser has to offer. These incredible pieces of technology are able to reach into every nook and cranny in your mouth, penetrating deeper behind your gums than traditional dental floss would ever be able to, and give you much better clean teeth at the same time.

Why Use Water Flossers?

Here are reasons you’ll want to make the switch to a water flosser.

Water Flosser Units are a lot Easier to Use

Flossing your teeth really isn’t all that physically challenging when at a young age, but as you get older, you lose some strength, and this makes it much tougher when flossing your mouth. That’s where the water flosser comes into play.

People living with arthritis and those with dexterity issues aren’t going to have any problem whatsoever completely flossing their mouths the way that those with traditional floss may have.

Water Flosser Units are a lot Gentler on Your Mouth and Gums

Any person that hasn’t floss in a long time but decides to take it up again understands that the first few times they start flossing they are going to encounter a tremendous amount of pain, some sort of inflammation, and no small amount of bleeding, even if their mouth is otherwise very healthy.

Strength floss just isn’t that pleasant to your gums or the enamel on your teeth. It’s going to cause quite a bit of friction, and this leads to irritation, inflammation, pain, and if it is really aggressive you may even deal with some infections stemming from the flossing motion itself.

A water flosser eradicates all these problems, and the Water itself is very gentle on your gums while still providing plenty of power to dig deep and remove bacteria at the same time.

You Don’t Have to Just Use Water in Your Water Flosser

Majority of people with a water flosser are going to load the system up with nothing but cool tap water. But there’s no rule that says you have to do that!

A lot of people have taken to really deep cleaning their mouths by replacing some or all of the water in their water flosser and filling it up with Listerine or some other antibacterial mouthwash. This kind of method guarantees that the mouthwash penetrates into the deepest layers of your mouth, providing a deeper clean as humanly possible outside of the dentist’s office.

Water Flosser Units are a lot Faster than Traditional Flossing

Flossing your mouth with the use of traditional string takes anywhere between two and three minutes if you really take your time and do a quality job, and if combined with brushing your teeth for three or four minutes, you’re going to end up wasting almost 10 minutes of your day in the morning and 10 more at night just on brushing your teeth, and many people aren’t up for that kind of inefficiency.

A water flosser allows you to deep clean your teeth and your smile from top to bottom, front to back and then upfront again, in less than a minute. On top of that, even kids as young as six years old can use water flosser technology with supervision, speeding up in the morning before school and bedtime brushing as well.

Water Flosser Units are a lot More Fun to Use

Everyone knows that human beings are only going to do the things that give us pleasure and steer us away from pain. Flossing isn’t done as often as it probably should be just because it isn’t all that “fun” and most people find it tiresome.


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