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Benefits of Knee Braces – Prevent Access Rotation of the Knee



knee bracesOnce a tear or strain has been treated, it’s important to keep the knee from repeating the same action that caused it injury, and that is where knee braces come in. Whether you’re a sportsperson or a sports fan, any one of us has the potential to twist, sprain, or seriously injure our knees.

From engaging in sports to gardening to simply walking down the street, moving the wrong way or a simple slip can cause great injury to the tendons and cartilage in our knees. Luckily, medicine has advanced to the point that we can treat and manage knee injury to avoid further damage and pain.

Generally, our knees become injured when they are forced to move in a way they are not supposed to move. Twisting the knee or bending it too sharply in medial or lateral directions can tear the ligaments that hold the knee in place and keep it functioning properly.

Knee braces are designed to keep the knee from moving too far from side-to-side or from overextending and irritating a healing injury. Generally, this can be averted by using slip-on braces that cover the knee. Slip-on braces compress the tissue around the knee and increase blood flow, offering support to healing tendons and cartilage.

However, in some cases, a bulkier brace, equipped with metal or plastic bracing and joints, may be vital which will more firmly hold the knee joint in place during strenuous activity.

Regardless of whether or not you have already had a knee problem, or you’re presently dealing with knee pain that is going undiagnosed, or you’ve taken advantage of surgical procedures to have your knee worked on and repaired (makes no difference,) a knee brace can provide a tremendous amount of benefit to you and your overall health and wellness.

Benefits of Knee Braces

Here are some of the big benefits that a knee brace can offer:

Knee Braces Provides Support and Stability

The human knee has been designed to move in a variety of different directions and have quite a bit of freedom so that you don’t ever have to walk “lockstep”. However there are definitely ways and motions that the knee wasn’t ever intended to, and knee braces offer a lot of extra protection there to make sure that you don’t overextend yourself.

Knee braces provide support and stability to both your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and Medial collateral ligament (MCL,) and can even help to protect the LCL, and other critical ligaments in your knee that are necessary for healthy movement.

Knee Braces Prevent Access Rotation of the Knee Leading to Injury

Knee braces have the ability to lock your knee at the very specific rotation, preventing you from hyperextending or overextending your knee, especially when you are playing sports.

Knee injuries are so common in most physical sports. That’s why most American football league (NFL) coaches are now requiring that their lineman (on both sides of the ball) to wear knee braces even if they have no present injuries to their knees.

Due to the ruggedness of these sports, the players are forced to rotate their knees in ways that Mother Nature never intended they have so much more force and pressure put on them, and these knee braces prevent that kind of overexposure.

Knee Braces Improve Your Confidence When Playing Sports or Working Out

Because of the security knee braces provide, and because of the fact that they are specifically designed to completely cover your knee and provide a lot of extra safety, protection, and stability, knee braces definitely improve the confidence of individuals playing sports or working out, especially those that have dealt with knee injuries in the past.

The worst part about injuring your knee (especially the ACL or MCL) is that it just kind of sneaks up on you out of nowhere without warning. One day you are running around in the backyard for a simple pass in the next second you are down on the ground grabbing your knee, having to go through surgery, and then going through at least a year-long rehabilitation program.

Most people learn not to trust their knees when they fail them like this, but knee braces can provide a lot of extra stability and a lot of extra confidence that might not have existed otherwise. You’ll be able to get back to “normal life” much quicker with a knee brace on.

Knee Braces Protect Your Knee after Surgery and During Rehab

After surgery, your knee joints, ligaments, and tendons are all going to be at their weakest immediately, which is exactly why your surgeon is going to request that you stay off of your knee as much as possible in a month or so after surgery.

Rehabilitation is very vital when you deal with knee surgery, and that’s where your knee braces are really going to come in handy. This braces going to act as a support for your knee while the muscles, ligaments, and tendons all heal back together and regenerate their strength. Most knee rehabilitation just isn’t possible without a knee brace, that’s how important this technology can be.

Knee Braces Protect you From Re-injury in the Future

Most knee injuries are much more likely to re-occur and get even worse over time. A knee brace, when worn on a steady basis, is going to help you cut down on your risk factor for reinjury significantly. High-quality knee braces minimize recurring injuries, while still adding plenty of protection as well.



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