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Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush to Your Health

By James

August 1, 2018

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It is in your best interests to replace your manual toothbrush with an electric toothbrush. From childhood, we’ve been taught to brush our teeth thoroughly.

Despite our best efforts, we’re not brushing as thoroughly as we would like and this is because of the fact that the bristles on manual toothbrushes cannot reach to eradicate all of the plaque and tartar built up between your teeth.

Benefits of Electronic Toothbrush

The following are the benefits of using an electronic toothbrush:

It Keeps the Teeth, Gums, and Tongue Cleaner and Healthier

An electric toothbrush’s rotating head has bristles which can reach further thanks to the combination of motion and equal pressure from the brush itself.

The same pressure is important, too many manual brushers do a good job of cleaning on one side of their mouth (a left-handed person often brushes the right side of their mouth more thoroughly) but struggle to keep the other side of their mouth as clean. This is where an electronic brush benefit comes in.

An Electric Toothbrush Makes for Longer, More Thorough Teeth Brushing

Lots of electronic toothbrushes are set for equal time for each quadrant, and this ensures a better, longer brushing and a great, clean feeling.

Children are often one of the biggest beneficiaries of electric toothbrushes. Most children brush but don’t get all of the food buildups between meals. Children with braces are especially susceptible to this occurrence.

An electric toothbrush is a good compromise since it is reliable on getting all of those hard to reach places that kids miss with manual brushing. Electric toothbrushes have the features and functionalities vital to maintaining the overall health of not just the teeth but also the gums and the tongue

It Can Relieve Sensitivity

We all know how to brush our teeth, but most people are guilty of scrubbing a little too vigorously to make our mouths sparkle. But the truth is that the harder you brush, the more likely you are to remove the enamel coating from the surface of your teeth, which can make them sensitive to heat and cold, not to mention harming your gums, causing them to recede.

With an electric toothbrush, this doesn’t happen, the rotating, pulsating bristles do all the hard work for you, making it almost impossible to apply more power than you required.

However, if you do get carried away and brush too hard, some Electric Toothbrush includes a pressure sensor that warns you when to ease up.

An Electric Toothbrush is a Great Way to Fight Gingivitis and Gum Disease

An electric toothbrush is an incredible tool in the fight against gingivitis and gum disease in your mouth. An electric toothbrush can find those difficult to reach places that you miss with a manual toothbrush.

With an electronic brush, you’re not just brushing longer and better but you’re brushing smarter too.  An electronic brush rotating head with its angled bristles can remove the accumulated tartar and plaque in those hard-to-reach areas between your teeth.

By stopping tartar and plaque buildup, they become an effective tool in fighting gingivitis, tooth decay, and gum disease. Thereby leaving your breath so much fresher.

Using an Electric Toothbrush Can Help You Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a sign of food and plaque lodging in the nooks and crannies between your teeth and along your gums. An electric toothbrush and steady flossing can work together to get rid of bad breath by finding and removing the food between your teeth.

Most electric toothbrushes have preset timers features, and this encourages users to pay equal attention to the 4 quadrants or sections of the mouth. Most have the standard 4 modes of brushing methods programmed into the units, and this is Daily Clean, Sensitive, Deep Clean, and Massage.

This holistic approach to brushing helps address all vital aspects involved in keeping the oral cavity healthy, not to mention that it provides you that refreshing, clean feeling we always strive for in every brushing session.

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