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Benefits of Breathe Alcohol Testers (Breathalyzer)

By James

May 11, 2018

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Making Use of a breath alcohol tester or alcohol detector is simple. A user, using his mouth, blows into the nozzle of the tester and the instrument rapidly displays the breath alcohol content (BrAC) up to 3 or 4 digits. The rule of thumb is to wait for 10-12 minutes from the moment you’ve consumed alcohol in order for the device to produce reliable results.

The person using it should wait fifteen to twenty seconds immediately after obtaining one reading before doing the next test. These values can vary from one product to another, so make sure to check the instruction manual before you use the breathalyzer unit.

Many countries have passed strict laws to punish people caught driving on the roads in a drunken state. Though the minimum acceptable BRAC could differ from state to state or country to country, the standard norm of a BRAC reading is usually 0.08. Any value higher is considered illegal for driving an automobile.

Benefits of a Breathalyzer

As we all know, an alcohol breathes tester (breathalyzers) device is used to measure breath alcohol content (BrAC). Law enforcement agencies around the world make use of alcohol detectors for their accuracy since the alcohol rate showed within a breath sample is similar that of a blood sample.

Alcohol detectors are often used during social gatherings, for example at festivals, and these devices also aid police officers when taking steps to ensure strict control over impaired driving.

When drinking, it is hard to know and gauge one’s own alcohol level, and this can lead to risky decisions to take on the road solely based on personal judgment.

A research carried in the year 2016 states that over 62,000 people in Canada had an alcohol level above the legal limit of 0.08 BrAC. In Quebec, more than 15,000 people had a criminal record due to drinking and driving.

Alcohol Detector

An alcohol detector also allows people to analyze their own breath alcohol level and make an informed decision about their ability to drive; allowing them to act responsibly on the road. Portable breathalyzers are best for those who wish to drink socially and not drive with a breath alcohol level that surpasses the legal limit.

Although alcohol detector can measure the amount of alcohol in your breath, which is similar to your blood alcohol level, it does not directly measure your blood alcohol level. To do this, a blood sample is required. Alcohol detector can be used by law enforcement agencies, individuals, or employers under certain conditions and circumstances.

Alcohol detectors on the market are not expensive compared to those used by police officers or other law enforcement agencies, but when the alcohol detector makes use of an electrochemical sensor for its sample breath alcohol analyzing, they can be just as accurate.

Personal alcohol detectors are not supposed to be used for legal purposes, only evidential alcohol tests used by the police officer can be brought into court as evidence, but personal alcohol testers are very vital as a preventive measure. Some individuals believe that chewing mints, eating onions or using alcohol-free mouthwash can lessen their alcohol levels, but that is not true.

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