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Alleviate Back Pain on Road Trips

By  David

When going on road trips that last for hours, most people experience back pain due to uncomfortable car seats or back conditions.

Being on the road is great, because, they allow you to distance yourself from the daily routine, stressful thoughts and opportunities to see places you have never been to and enjoy your time with your family and

Fortunately, there are many techniques that you can take into consideration when traveling in order to avoid lower or upper back pain. Ignoring your back pain can cause chronic pain, herniated discs, and long-term discomfort.

Road trip tips to avoid back pain

Get an Ergonomic Chair Cushion

Using a seat cushion for back pain is not only vital for people already suffering from chronic pain. Such an accessory is also recommended (vital) as a preventive method. If you know that you will be traveling for up to an hour or more, you should get yourself an orthopedic seat cushion

Keep a Straight Back

Keeping a straight back and a correct posture while driving can be really difficult. Firstly, your back adapts to the car seat’s shape, which is rarely ergonomic or fitting for your body. an ergonomic chair cushion or a back support can aid you to maintain a correct posture and therefore helping you keep your back straight for as long as you drive.

Avoid Bumps

Many individuals do not even realize the fact that avoiding bumps on the road and driving carefully can contribute to a more comfortable ride. Avoiding shocks while driving reduces the frequency of bounces that might trigger back pains. In case of a bad road, it is crucial that you and the other passengers have memory foam seat cushions that shield your back and other joints from shocks.

Short Breaks

Many people drive for long hours and lots of kilometers without taking any breaks. This is awfully bad for your back and your whole body and it might result in extreme back pain and soreness of joints/bones all over the body.

Plan a few breaks on the road, even if there is nothing to do in that particular area. Stretch your muscles or even stroll for 2 minutes. This will aid your muscles to relax and will give your cardiovascular system a boost and also try to change your position while driving every 15 minutes.

Use a Cold Pack

Back pain is generally triggered by the inflammation of your muscles, and we all know that cold packs have an anti-inflammatory role and that they can help you ease the pain. Along with a seat cushion for back pain, this is a great option for long rides.

Massage Your Back Every Once in a While

Except if you’re using one of the best car seat cushions that you can find in specialized stores massaging your back every now and then is very useful.

You can do the massage yourself (the painful areas) or you can ask someone else to do it for you or you can purchase one of those car seat massagers that prove to be so effective. If it is the pain is coming from the upper back, it is easy for someone else to provide you the Massage.

We should try to Avoid back pain during road trips and In case you choose to ignore the pain, as well as the tips above, the consequences will be very unpleasant.

Once back pain is installed, it only gets worse and you mostly find yourself sweating in your seat, feeling uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the views and time spent with your friends or family. Back pain can also cause you to lose your appetite, your mood swings, you start feeling irritable and more importantly, you lose the best parts of your trip or journey.

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