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Adult Acne Natural Treatment: Remedies To Balance Hormones Naturally

Adult Acne


Acne in the adulthood usually has underlying hormonal issues, as imbalances in hormones lead to excess sebum production which, in turn, cause acne flare-ups.

Unbalanced hormones are probably one of the most common reasons for acne outbreaks in adult women and it’s not just acne. Unbalanced hormones can also impact on processes like growth, metabolism, sexual function, fertility and mood.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists estimate that 85% of women suffer from at least one PMS symptom and that is not normal. If you’re suffering from monthly PMS symptoms, whether its acne, headaches, bloating, cramps, mood swings or sore boobs, it’s a sign your hormones are acting up.

What Are Hormones?

Our body releases many chemical substances called hormones which play an important role as messengers. They help to carry signals to and from the brain to different locations in the body.

These chemicals impact mood changes, hunger, metabolism, reproductive processes, etc., and we need these chemicals as they create a proper response when the body is subjected to stress, danger, normal body processes etc.

However, in some people, there may be an over or under secretion of hormones which can affect such people in many ways and can cause excess hair growth in unwanted areas of the body, hair loss or alopecia, breast tenderness, obesity, acne, belly fat accumulation, sleep issues, etc…

Tips To Balance Hormones Naturally And Heal Acne

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Since hormone imbalances can wreak havoc on your skin, there is a 100% need to keep those blood sugars as stable as possible. When you eat something that is high in carbs, or you skip a meal, your blood sugar will go up.

When sugars get digested, they can cause the pancreas to produce more insulin and the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) to help maintain the balance of blood glucose in the blood. Too much insulin and IGF-1 will, in turn, trigger a release of androgen hormones, which can result in other hormones being secreted.

Support Your Liver

The liver is the target for nearly every toxin and chemical that we come into contact with during the course of our busy lives. The liver also has the important role of breaking down and removing excess hormones from the body. Therefore, it’s vital to support our liver to ensure it can do its job of storing vitamins and minerals and clearing out the bad or excess hormones for optimum health and acne-free skin.

Use The Good Fats

Cut out the bad industrial fats such as vegetable oil, margarine or other chemically altered fats and start enjoying natural healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, oily fish, nuts, and seeds, etc.

Vegetable oils are high in omega-6 which is an inflammatory fatty acid while the healthy fats contain more omega-3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation and form a fundamental building block for hormone production as well as boosting your metabolism and promoting weight loss

Vitamins For Hormonal Imbalance

Vitamin E capsules as well as Magnesium act as a natural cure for hormonal imbalance. Magnesium deficiency may get you irritable and cranky during PMS.

Calcium and magnesium both need to be taken in the right dosage to balance their levels, which are interdependent. Similarly, you must take Vitamin D for balancing hormones, and vitamin E, which is also necessary for healthy skin. Zinc is another vitamin for a hormonal imbalance that can help prevent acne and psoriasis.


Exercise is great for balancing your hormones. However, chronic cardio workouts can put too much stress on your body and spike cortisol levels which can cause inflammation and trigger hormone imbalances.

Light, regular exercise such as walking, swimming or pilates is a great way to reduce cortisol levels and short interval training for 20 minutes 3 times a week is good enough to help boost your immune system, reduce stress levels and balance hormones


Regular detoxification is the best way to treat hormonal acne, as detoxification reduces the burden on the kidneys and liver by throwing out toxins. There are multiple ways to detoxification, and you should choose the one that appeals to your needs. During the detoxification process, you must avoid red meat, and all kinds of refined products, sugar, etc.

Avoid Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

Regrettably, it’s almost impossible to avoid all hormone-disrupting chemicals in our day-to-day lives, as they’re everywhere! These environmental toxins are commonly found in household cleaners, toiletries, cosmetics, plastics and pesticides, and even in the air we breathe. However, try as much as you can to expose yourself less to these factors.


One of the easiest ways for our hormones to go gaga is by not getting enough rest and sleep. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, it could be one of the key reasons your hormones are imbalanced and you’re not feeling alright.

When you sleep, your body uses that time to repair, detoxifies, regulates hormones and adjusts blood sugar levels. In order for our bodies to fulfill these functions properly, the brain must pass through four different levels of sleep cycles.


If you are stressed, then your adrenals will be overworked and high levels of cortisol will throw your entire endocrine system out of balance. Studies have shown that deep breathing and yoga can help to balance your hormones, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

Many women have seen great results through Kundalini Yoga in their acne fight. Yoga poses work on a cellular and hormonal level to prevent acne, bloating, irregular menses, cysts, and other hormonal issues.



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