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Acai Juice as Anti-Aging Remedy



Acai is a species of the palm tree that grows around the Amazon River in South America. The grape like berries of the Acai, start off green and then ripen to a deep rich purple color.

These berries contain a powerhouse of beneficial substances including polyphenols, mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and 19 different amino acids group.

Acai berry is a great antioxidants, and have been lauded for their ability to neutralize free radicals.

Below are Some Acai Berry Benefits:

  • Protect against DNA damage
  • May aid in weight loss
  • Improve circulation
  • Improves glowing skin tone and youthfulness
  • Good for the eyes
  • Aids in digestion
  • Empowers the immune system
  • Aids in blood sugar control
  • Act against cancer cells
  • Inhibit cardiovascular disease
  • Fights inflammation

The Acai Berry and ORAC Rating

One of the best reasons to include acai berries into your diet is for its anti-aging abilities. The berry is one of the highest Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity foods, making it fantastic for anti-aging.

The ORAC which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is a measure of how well the antioxidants in a food, deactivates free radicals in the body. The health benefits of Acai berry are due to its amazingly high ORAC rating of 18,400. Acai berry are found to have higher amounts of antioxidants blueberries. Also, the berry has a remarkable amount of vitamins C, E, B, A, selenium, zinc, omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids.

Below are the ORAC ratings of a number of popular berries:

  • Açaí berries – 18,400
  • Pomegranates – 10,500
  • Blackberries – 5,100
  • Bilberry – 4,200
  • Blueberries – 3,200
  • Raspberries – 2,700

Recently, skin antiaging experts has suggested that the powerful free radical scavenging ability of the acai berry is so high that scientists can only estimate its potency. Raw Acai berries may not be available where you live, but other options such as Acai juice, or Acai supplements can provide Acai berry benefits.

Free Radicals

Free radicals form in our bodies as we metabolize food and during other natural body functions and activities. They are also created when we are exposed to the sun or pollutants found in the air. Also by eating processed foods, smoking, and such like, free radicals are created in our body. Free radicals are also caused by stress.

Acai oil

Acai oil is a safe alternative to other tropical oils used in beauty products like facials and body creams, anti-aging skin therapies, shampoos, and conditioners, because when acai oil is processed and stored long-term, the antioxidant levels still remain high.

Acai Berries and Acai Juice

Traditionally, been known that native people of Brazil have used acai berries to make tea that soothes fever, and to heal various skin conditions. They also boiled the root and use the extract to treat menstrual pain and diabetes.

Acai comes in a few forms of frozen acai smoothie packs, acai juice and acai powder. You can always have the acai juice blended with other juices. For example, you can make an orange juice and then add to it at least two tea spoons of acai berry juice for that energy giving taste.

Acai’s Benefits to the Skin as Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Powerhouse

Acai Face maskIn topical formulations, acai can help protect our skin from environmental aggressors, thus helping to reduce the appearance of aging. Acai also has a lot of fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals, key for protecting the skin, and helping the skin look tight and toned.

Altogether, the various components in acai work to reduce the appearance of aging on skin, offering the following benefits:

  • Lasting effectiveness:As in most cases, extended time period and exposure to light and air can gradually diminish antioxidant effectiveness in skin care formulas, but acai has proven to be resistant to this effect. When the oil of acai is processed and stored long-term, the antioxidant levels still remain high.
  • Anti-aging: Acai is a potent provider of antioxidants. Using it every day will likely protect your skin from environmental stressors, keeping your skin looking healthy and toned.
  • Nutrients provision:Acai is a good source of vitamin C and E, as well as the B vitamins and several minerals. Because of these nutrients, it shows promise in helping with sensitive skin, and is known to protect, firm and tighten the skin. The vitamin E helps rejuvenate the lost skin cell, and offers properties that can help firm and tighten your look, helping your skin to retain moisture as well.
  • Good Fatty acids:Acai has omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. These are nutrient components that help skin appear youthful and supple. Fatty acids keep the skin revived, removing the look of dry and dull skin. When you are getting enough of these good fatty acids, your skin looks smooth and soft, otherwise, skin dries out, sags, and becomes dull. Acai offers a good dose of these acids.


  • Always buy organic and products made from the pulp and skin of the acai berry.
  • If you buy Acai in liquid form look for unsweetened Acai juice with no added sugar. Such products should be thick, with lots of pulp and no preservatives.
  • Always buy Acai juice in glass bottles, because if kept in plastics, will leach into the Acai juice from plastic bodies.
  • You may need to avoid this fruit if you have pollen allergiesor are sensitive to acai or similar berries.
  • Another way to enjoy the wonderful acai berry health benefits is to put it on your skin, as it makes a fantastic nourishing face mask.
  • Before you include something into your anti-aging regime, it will pay to do some research first. Be careful and check out the ingredients on the packet before buying, because many brands on the market contain preservatives and have been found not to be authentic. Caffeine is one such additive that should be avoided.


In conclusion, bear in mind that whatever superfood you choose is a bonus. Your health and well-being will certainly feel the impacts and benefits.

Acai berry health benefits are one of such rewards. There may be no studies to substantiate the weight loss as well as a solution for diabetes and other chronic illnesses claims of acai, but early research has found, however, that acai has a high antioxidant content, which play a big role in protecting the body from today’s common diseases.

Adding Acai berry  to your supplement regimen is a good call, because it will work synergistically with other nutrients in boosting your antioxidant protection, while offering other range of Health benefits, of which helping your antiaging efforts in a big way, is one.


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