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8 Bad Habits You Need to Break If You Want to Live a Healthy Life

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It is believed that our actions define us, meaning that we are our habits and the more bad habits we have, the harder our life is. bad habits can make us feel like our life is out of our control.

Bad habits can also damage our relationship with others, our reputation, as well as our mental and physical health. They can sure prevent us from getting to, and be using our full potential.

All those little habits you have might seem unimportant can come together to become very big, unhealthy practices that accumulate and worsen over time.

Eight Unhealthy Habits

Ultimately, there are eight unhealthy habits that, when stopped, can bring about major changes to your life for the better.

Making Promises You Cannot Keep.

Making promises you can’t keep on a regular basis can cause disappointments and can badly damage your reputation. It can cause resentments too. Do not make a promise if you are not pretty sure that you can keep it. Think before you make a promise, because the damage of breaking promises may never be fixed.


We all lie sometimes. But if you make lying a habit, then you become a liar, and if one day you have to prove your innocence, the majority may not believe you even when you are telling the truth. Don’t let your habit convinced people that you are not trustworthy.

Lying regularly makes living harder, and you have no peace of mind. Plus, you have to remember all the lies you’ve said to avoid getting caught, adding more stress to your brain.

You also have to deal with the problems that come when the truth comes out, and people won’t trust you. This makes keeping friends, a challenge.

Unlimited Snacking

According to recent surveys, snacking is one of the world’s favorite past times, and many of us are guilty of enjoying way many snacks here or there whenever we are preoccupied with work, play, or recreation.

But when you form the habit of snacking constantly, every time you are free from what you’re doing (even when your stomach isn’t asking for it), then, you’ve pretty much developed an unhealthy habit.

The best way to curtail this unhealthy habit is by re-introducing yourself to hunger, and determining first that you’re hungry before you take a bite of that snack. This will help you cut back on unwanted calories that do no good for the body system.

Staying Up Late

Watching movies and TV shows late into the night can be very enjoyable (especially when you’ve got some sweet snacks to keep you company), but staying up way beyond your elementary bed-time can be working against your health.

Studies have shown that sleep is an important process that doesn’t only rest your tired body but also repairs any damage caused by stress.

When you deprive your body of sleep or stay up longer than you should, you effectively prevent your cells from getting the repair they need.

Blame Shifting

If you want to grow in a mature and happy person who feels in control, it’s necessary to start taking responsibility for your mistakes, and acknowledge your errors, fix them and think about the steps you have to take to prevent yourself from making the same errors again.

Deal with the consequences of your actions, and accept the fact that we all get crappy days sometimes.

If you’re constantly shifting the blame to someone else, you’ll never learn from your mistakes, and you’ll never learn how to deal with life. Blame shifting will prevent you from learning and the problems will seep into your personal relationships and your work life too.

Skipping Breakfast

Well, breakfast is important because it gives us the necessary fuel and energy to start our day. So when you skip it, you deprive your body of the nutrition it needs to properly function, and by the time lunch is due, you’re probably already running close to empty.

Eating a healthy breakfast will set the tone for your metabolism for the day, which is basically the rate at which your body burns calories.

Eat breakfast and your body will feel confident to burn calories knowing that you have healthy regular food intake, but deprive your body of nutrition, and it’s forced to function at a lower metabolic rate, and store calories to save for later so you have something to use for energy when the time comes.


When you worry and stress out too much over a problem or impending issue, you unknowingly increase your anxiety levels, and this has been proven to cause negative effects on heart health and brain health when overdone.

It’s perfectly normal to think about problems, but a negative outlook shouldn’t be your point of view, instead, look at things from a constructive point (yes the problem exists, but what can I do to resolve it?).

This way, you become calmer knowing that there are a solution and something that can be done to eliminate the threat.

A healthy life doesn’t rely only on your exercise routine or a strict diet, but sometimes, it’s all about the little things.

Undervaluing Yourself

Undervaluing yourself won’t get you far in life. You should always act the way you want to see yourself, and when you undervalue yourself, it will manifest in how you carry and present yourself. We all have strengths, talents, and skills, and you should not overlook yours.

You should definitely acknowledge them, because, by doing so, you will be more confident about yourself. Think about how you can use them to get the job you want or impress the person you like.

If you undervalue yourself because you are not happy with yourself, then recreate yourself, because you have the power to be the person you want to be. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


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